Friday, June 25, 2010

This is the Place: Heritage Monument

Is it any wonder that Brigham Young declared "This is the place" When he stood here and looked over the Salt Lake Valley?

(Sorry, the pictures are a bit out of order)

On Wednesday, June 23rd Hannah and I went with Grandma Margie to go see This is the Place Park in Salt Lake. We had so much fun! We got to see some Ensign cousins who were working as pioneers there. Hannah loved all the fun animals! She got to feed some horses, ride some ponys, and pet lambs, rabbits, and goats. She thought the pigs were really funny! Hannah loved riding on the train and had a blast the whole time. By about 1:00 Hannah was totally beat! She got up at 5:30am and was a great trooper the whole day!
Can you believe Hannah will have been on 8 plane rides before her first birthday?

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