Friday, June 25, 2010

Nate and Laura's Wedding: Salt Lake City

Nate and Laura Hardy were married June 24th in the Salt Lake Temple! I was so honored to be able to attend the wedding of my little cousin and her handsome, sweet fiance! Laura and Nate were high school sweethearts and she waited for him on his mission. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony, and lots of fun with family! It was very special to take my daughter to the temple. Some of the highlights were: Nate and Laura's wedding kiss (she started laughing at him before the kiss and then finally kissed him) Nate and Laura shaking hands after exchanging rings (can you tell they aren't big on public displays of affection?) Hannah flirting with all the boys (servers and cousins) she is a huge fan of boys haha. Hannah playing with Kaitlyn and Caroline.
P.S. I took these pictures for Adam so that is why the next few blogs while I'm in Utah will have a lot of pictures for her daddy :) He is dying without us lol

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