Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ka, Cats, and Baseball {Summer Update}

I realize that I haven't been posting much but we have had such an amazing summer so far I couldn't resist!

Hannah and I started the summer a little early with a trip to Utah to see aunt Meggie graduate from high school. Unfortunately for unknown reasons, ever since I became a mother I get sick whenever I go to Utah. I quickly recovered however and we enjoyed the graduation, a movie night with my sister, a trip to the Logan Zoo, and the Young Ambassadors performance at the conference center.

We flew home on a Sunday and on Monday we hopped back on an airplane to California for aunt Allie's graduation from High school. While we were there, we picked up an extra passenger and aunt Aubrey came home with us to have some alone time.

Aunt Aubrey was loved DESPERATELY by Hannah. Say what you will about the Turney's but those kids are so helpful and willing to serve! Aubrey cleaned every dish, babysat for free, cleaned her room and bathroom each day and was very pleasant to have around. We spent our time experimenting with new foods, making crafts, watching fun movies, reading books, and we went to a baseball game for the Las Vegas 51s! I can't say that I saw any baseball as I was having too much fun talking to girlfriends, but what can I say...I enjoyed it.

Aubrey left us on Saturday when Kris, Allie, and Avery came down for a week at a Las Vegas resort. For one last adventure we went and saw the Broadway touring group perform Cats at Planet Hollywood. It was FANTASTIC! We got to hang out on Sunday as I cooked breakfast and dinner for the Turney's and we played a game of Life. Aubrey kept loosing when she was at our house, always getting third place, and then she got 5th (out of 6th) place so she has asked for it for her birthday so she can practice. Too funny!

Last night Kris treated us all to Ka, the Cirque Du Soliel show at the MGM. It was incredible. Many times during the performance I had to remind myself that it was NOT CGI that it was an actual live performance. Adam and I have decided that we have been missing out tremendously on some of the shows and plan to see "O" and The Beatles Love Cirque shows in the near future.

So as you can see we have had a fun summer so far. I forgot to mention hours at the park, afternoons at the Library, and lots and lots of NAPS! I'm also busy starting to plan Hannah's First Birthday which we will celebrate on July 24th (FIRST BIRTHDAY!?!?) at the Red Ridge Park! Come join us if you can!

We are looking forward to many more adventures (Father's day extravaganza, weddings, babies (of friends!), another trip to Utah/Idaho)! This summer is full of delicious possibilities!


Margie said...

Very cute pictures! I always love to see Hannah and I am always surprised at how fast she is growing.

It looks like you are carry on the Margie Marsden family tradition of fun summers!! ENJOY!! We are excited to see you next week :)

Stephanie said...

She is just about the cutest little girl ever ;) What a sweet heart I can't believe she is walking around and playing with dolls already! When you make it to Utah again if you have time you'll have to come see Colin. I promise one day we really will make it to Las Vegas to visit you guys and I'm pretty sure Brad and Adam really would hit it off after reading the post you left about his crazies.