Thursday, June 17, 2010

{Things you should know about my husband}

The "Adam" He ALWAYS tries to pull this face when I am trying to take a picture of himMe trying to pull off "The Adam"

I have the most amazing man in the entire world and nobody would ever be able to convince me otherwise. I married the man of my dreams. Move over Edward, because you can't be sweeter, more loving, more helpful, and hard working than Adam Turney.

That being said, my husband is a goof =)

I've written posts before about how much I love him, how incredible he is, and what a good man I married. This is not one of these posts. It is to give you a little insight into the wonderful brain of my husband.

This morning on FB a friend of mine posted:

"Clark County is ranked dead last in the US for percentage of high school graduates. I'm so pleased my daughter will be starting kindergarten here this fall."

I saw that and thought to myself "oh great, here comes a post from Adam..." Not only was there a post, but it far exceeded my is what Adam wrote in reply (I implore you not to read it, just look at the length):

"There are so many factors that play into all these statistics that it isn't fair for Clark County. Often the media will just focus on the negative aspects of education here. It is rare to hear anything positive even though there are a number of times that there are good things happening.

One thing that messes up our scores in Clark County is ... See Morewhen we start counting the scores of ELL students, kids that don't natively speak English. States like Texas don't count the test scores of ELL students until they have been in the district for 4 years. Clark County, on the other hand, gives the kids 1 year in the district and then counts their scores. So kids that have no idea how to read, write, or understand English bring the test scores way down for Nevada. It is completely unfair for the students, teachers, and education system in Nevada to include these scores as it makes Las Vegas appear so much worse.

There are other factors that play into the graduation rate that is ridiculous. For example, if a student attends a Las Vegas school but does not graduate because they move out of state then that counts against the district. Kids that don't graduate on time count against the district. So many factors play into the education game in Nevada that it really gives us a horrible image when compared to the rest of the nation.

Even though the graduation rate might be around 40-50% for students in Clark County, it is a 100% guarantee that my children will be graduating. Remember, even though the statistics exist it does not mean anything to our children because our children do not fit into the category of kids that don't graduate because they are not going to get involved in drugs, violence, early pregnancy, quitting school because they want to be a valet, or any of those negative and ridiculous areas.

Even the Clark County School District Assistant Superintendent Sue Daellenbach said she questions the report... See More’s methodology.

“They use a simple method that calculates students that move 9th to 10th (grade), 10th to 11th, and so their (statistics) will always be lower,” she said. “It doesn't take into account transiency or kids moving out of state and going into another school.“

There are so many factors that play into graduation rates. Although it may not be a pretty picture for Clark County students, it isn't nearly as terrible as the media would have people believe.

Haha, I just can't stop. According to a US News report, Nevada has 5 of the nations top 100 high schools. In fact, they are all located in Las Vegas.

Advanced Technologies Academy
Community College High School - South
Coronado High School... See More
Las Vegas Academy of International Studies Performing and Visual Arts
Nevada State High School

But you won't see this advertised because it paints Clark County in a positive light and the LVRJ would hate to have people think something good about education in Las Vegas.

Do you like how I made it the smallest possible text to fit it on to the blog? This was a FB post people! Honestly, I haven't even read it because I know it says "Blah Blah Blah Education is good Blah Blah Blah Teachers are awesome Blah Blah Blah." I say Blah blah blah in the most loving way.

I'm grateful that Adam is so passionate about Education, it is his profession. Say something negative, even if it is humorous and Adam will champion his cause. I mock him relentlessly on a daily basis for this trait. I'm grateful for an educated man but it is also very funny to see him go to the mats for his cause.

Anyone who is friends with him on FB knows that while he still considers himself a conservative, he is a HUGE Obama supporter (and HATES Sarah Palin). If you mention something on FB about the President, he is likely to come at you with statistics and facts about the growing opportunities for jobs, education, relief from the recession, the amount of illegals who have been deported since Obama took office etc. He is so passionate about this.

Another thing you need to know about Adam is that he is a huge technology nerd (in the best possible way). He hates Apple products because of blah blah blah (for three pages). He is always telling me about this or that in the technology world. Every morning he goes to his computer and reads all the news in technology ("Did you know AT&T leaked millions of people's personal information for Ipad owners, Iphone users...Did you know there are these new 3D TVs that might be affordable in the near future....I found a great deal on ___ we should get it.")

The main thing you should know is that Adam, while very passionate/geeky/ infuriating at times, is the most incredible, kind, selfless person I know. I'm glad he has his passions, I'm glad he is educated, and has a hobby. I'm glad he is mine.

That being said: I'm sorry if he offends you, he means well =)


Mariella said...

At least he ALWAYS backs up what he says with facts! I always love to hear what Adam has to say about anything. It's humorous(not because I think he's wrong, just because I can always count on Adam to have something to say) and I usually agree with what he says...except for something he said about soccer the other day :)

Margie said...

We love Adam too :)