Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy Heart Attack Batman!

This is Hannah's latest and greatest trick.

The other night when I was letting her cry herself to sleep Adam found her draping over the side of her crib since she decided that was the night to be Ms. Daredevil Danger. Adam dropped the crib and I figured that would be the end of that for a couple weeks.

I was wrong. Apparently she can still climb and peek over the side (thank goodness it isn't as dangerous anymore). This is how I found her when I came in to get her up from a nap. After taking a few pictures she promptly fell over and banged her head. Oh well. I guess it time for Mommy to stop being so protective and learn to be a little braver herself.


Margie said...

Be careful Hannah!!

Lesley said...

One of my favorite memories of being a mom is seeing the kinds of looks on their faces (like Hannah's) when they saw me coming to pick them up out of their crib :-)