Thursday, February 18, 2010

Holy Cow

Tonight at enrichment we got together and watched Johnny Lingo, a Mormon classic. It has been a long time since I have revisited that movie and now that I am older and hopefully a little wiser than the Beehive I was the last time I watched this movie I had some thoughts.

First of all, everyone should be so lucky to be desired by a man like Johnny Lingo. Not only is he handsome and smart but he is also selfless and loving. Rather than expecting his wife to fulfill his needs as a husband, he recognized he must first treat her with respect and honor. Perhaps Mahana was not an 8 cow woman to begin with but by treating her as one, she became one.

I find this principal to be true, especially with children that I have taught. If you expect a child to behave and be responsible and you expect with respect their behavior will reflect that which you expect.

This movie is more than manipulating someone to become the person you think they should be, Mahana always had the potential to be an 8 cow woman as do we all, not only did she need to gain confidence from her husband, but she also needed to draw that from herself (or she would have never become the person she did.

Our Father in Heaven loves each of us and we (hopefully) find our worth through Him and not from the world.

At enrichment we talked about becoming 8 cow women two ways 1) Mad Cow (finding emotional health, strength, and balance) and 2) Holy Cow (connecting to our spiritual nature)

Johnny Lingo says "Many things can change a woman. There are things that happen on the inside and things that happen on the outside. However, the thing that matters most is how she views herself. In her father's home she believed she was worth nothing. As a result that's the value she projected. Now she knows she is an 8 cow woman worth far more than any other woman in the islands."

I don't want this to be misconstrued that I believe our worth comes from how people treat us or (heaven forbid) how any man treats or values us, but I like the sentiment of Johnny Lingo.

Let us value ourselves as our Father in Heaven values each of his children. Someone with the potential to create beautiful, happy lives.

What makes you an 8 cow woman?

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Margie said...

I loved this post and gave me a lot to think about. I do think many woman have a difficult time seeing their value.

I asked dad what makes me an eight cow wife, but I feel to shy to say :). However, I will tell you something that I think is important and that I am always striving to do. I have always been curios when I read in the scriptures when it talks about being temperate. I think it is important not to take your family (especially your husband) on an emotional roller coaster ride. I also think it is important to strive to be charming no matter how long you have been married.