Monday, February 22, 2010

30 weeks today!

I am so amazed by Hannah. I never knew. I just never knew how much fun a baby would be, how much joy, how much heartache. I love her so much and she amazes me.

Tonight after dinner Adam, Hannah, and I were hanging out in the living room. She is such a climber now but we won't let her near the entertainment center. I don't want her getting into all the electrical stuff or hurting herself on the glass doors. Since we were all there we were teasing Hannah-- letting her scoot forward close enough that she almost made it then we'd pull her away and say no.

At one point Adam made himself a barrier so Hannah couldn't get over him. I laid next to Adam so that she couldn't get over me as well. She tried to climb over us and it wasn't working. Too many kisses and tickles in the way. So what do you know, that smart girl turned the other way and started crawling away from us so she had a wide enough berth that she wasn't within arms reach. She then went the length of our bodies and turned toward the entertainment center. We watched her grab hold of one shiny knob and pull herself to her knees. Then she grabbed the other knob and pulled herself to a standing position.

Standing there it seemed like she didn't really know what came next. She decided to let go only to lose her balance and fall against the entertainment center. She then let go only with one hand and scooted over to the knob her left hand was resting on...held on with both hands for a minute but couldn't figure out how to let go with her left while holding on with her right. She tried it...lost her balance and once again came face to face with the entertainment center.

I watched her try to figure these things out and regretted not noticing the meticulous, methodical way she worked her way around a room.

Tomorrow I am taking her to a place for kiddies 6 months and older who are not yet walking. The kids are able to explore an open gym and interact with other babies while playing on some fun equipment. Hannah LOVES other babies. Every morning when we go out on our walks she gets angry if my stroller isn't in the eye line of another child. We walk with another mom and her 5 month old baby who Hannah loves to ogle at.

I'm so in love with my baby! She is amazing and so worth the wait, pain, and loss of sleep. She is wrapped around my whole heart and I can't imagine life without her.

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Bea said...

You do an awesome job of describing her adventure. I guess it is your education.:o) Did you ever receive your diploma in the mail?
Love and kisses for Hannah