Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 9 of '09

These are the Top 9 Moments of 2009 According to the Turney's

9) Sean goes on a mission!It was an emotional several days with my one and only brother preparing to enter the mission field. I'll never forget his farewell talk, when he was set apart, and those last few nights of the Marsden "children" and our antics. It was a monumental moment for our family and I'll never forget the look on Sean's face when he turned the corner not to be seen until 2011. I'm so proud of my brother and so grateful that he chose to serve a mission. He is a wonderful missionary and we love him.

8) Ski trip in Park City
I am not a skiier. When people ask if I ski I tell them that I have but I don't. This trip however was a lot of fun. I was able to go out once and really enjoy myself. Adam however went 4 times and was on cloud 9! Let me tell ya--there is nothing sexier than watching your husband race down a mountain gracefully and skillfully. Man, it was HOT! Everytime he got all dressed in his ski clothes I started sweating ;). We also had a lot of fun with the family doing kareoke, hot tubing every night, bingo, and mocktails. What a blast!

7) Trek back to the 'Burg
Not many people think of Rexburg as the romantic capitol of the world but Adam and I really loved going back to Rexburg. Adam knew it would be something I would enjoy but he didn't realize the feelings it would stir back in him to return to Rexburg. We loved every moment toget1her--Even the one when we got stuck in the snow =) but we especially enjoyed Craigo's pizza!

6) Trip to NYC
Adam and I still talk on a regular basis what an AWESOME trip we had to NYC. We loved visiting all the historic/national/famous places in the city together. I did pretty well for myself being 26 weeks pregnant we walked about 50 miles in 5 days! It was a great get away--just the two of us and I'll never forget it!

5) Hannah's Blessing Weekend
I felt so blessed, and so loved as both families traveled from California and Utah. Hannah had each of her living biological great grandparents and all of her grandparents (along with most of her aunts and uncles) to come watch her recieve a special name and a blessing. She looked so beautiful and I was such a proud mommy! Her daddy is so tender with her that while he blessed her she just stared at him. She is her daddy's girl.

4) Buying a house
We were so lucky and blessed to be able to buy a house at this time. We love it so much and we are so grateful for the opportunity to live where we do. It is the perfect size for us and the perfect lay out. We waited and saved a long time for this and we are so pleased!

3) Being pregnant
I was so blessed to have a great pregancy and to be able to conceive and carry and have such a wonderful pregancy. No it wasn't fun being pregnant--it never is, especially when you live in Vegas and it is 115 degrees. But I was so grateful and honored to have the opportunity and I often miss her wiggling around inside.

2) Graduations
Adam and I were both able to graduate and it was the second greatest moments of 2009. Adam with his Masters and me with my Bachelores (both in Education). We were blessed to be able to accomplish this without using student loans and we feel really proud of ourselves. We worked hard and accomplished something great.

1) Hannah's Birth
Hannah is the crowning achievement of my life and I am so blessed and honored to be her mother. We love her so much. Her birth was the second best moment of my life (right next to marrying her father in the temple) and I often replay the moment in my head. I had a really easy delivery (in the hospital for only 6 hours before giving birth) and labor and she has been a wonder baby. I've never known a greater love than that of being a wife and a mother and it helps me appreciate our parents even more now. Right before I gave birth one of the nurses said "there is nothing greater in this world than creating a child with the man you love and bringing her into the world." This has stuck with me but I should take it one step further and say there is nothing greater in this world than having the knowledge of eternal family and being able to share that with the man you love and bring our children into the world.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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