Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Vacation

Ever since Adam and I got married we have been involved in a holiday custody battle. Every other year our families get a turn with us on alternating holidays. This Christmas we were due to spend the holiday with the Turneys. Luckily for me, the Turney's decided to spend Christmas on Vacation. Their first idea was Paris... ahh Paris--I miss you. That didn't work out due to Kris's work. The next idea was Florida ("Who wants to spend Christmas in a tropical climate--Do they even have Christmas Trees in Florida?"--Kevin McCalister). Again that fell through.

Much to my (and Adam's) delight they chose to spend Christmas in Park City Utah. Home Sweet Home. Because of Kris's work schedual we will spend Christmas morning with the Turney's and drive out to Pleasant View in the afternoon to talk to my missionary brother and spend Christmas with the Marsden's too!

So far we have had a great vacation. I love spending time alone in the resort caring for my sweet Hannah. It is just wonderful to sit by the fire and take a vacation from Las Vegas, TV, duties of home, etc. watching the snow fall gently on the mountain behind me. I have had the opportunity to ski and actually had a lot of fun while Grandma and Grandpa Marsden babysat Banana. Adam is in heaven on his fourth day in a row skiing and looking forward to one more day of it tomorrow.

It hasn't all been about skiing-- we also sit in the hot tub every night while Nana tends baby Hannah, we've had mocktails by the pool, kareoke night, temple square/Joseph Smith movie, and Bingo for Holiday meal. Since 8 of us played we won a bag of apples, a gingerbread house, some candy, a pumpkin cheesecake, and Adam's victory--a Ham! So now we are all set for Christmas eve dinner! It has been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to see what the next two and a half days will bring.

Mostly I'm looking forward to talking to my baby brother. That will be the best Christmas present! Yesterday on Temple Square we found a missionary from Australia and both Adam and I HAD to talk to her. It was sureal talking to this sister missionary with an Australian flag on her shirt knowing my brother was in Australia doing the same work that she was.

I have loved my vacation and I'm looking forward to much more :)


Lilian said...

funny that you ran into a missionary from Australia at Temple Square. Not that you ran into the missionary, but the funny part is that my boys were there for a mutual night and ran into a missionary from Australia and talked about their cousin serving there. Hmmmm.... I wonder if it's the same missionary?

Looking forward to our own phone call!

Brad and Stephanie said...

That sounds like you have it made! What a nice Christmas Vacation! I thought we were doing good but now I just wish I had a fireplace to sit by at least.(wink) I wish that somewhere in there I would get to see Hannah since you are actually up here (and we are too obviously) but alas we I will have to wait again :) Love you! Merry Christmas!

Margie said...

That was so much fun to spend time with Hannah on Monday. I keep thinking about how adorable she is!! She is so darling!!

I'm glad you guys are in Utah for Christmas. I am happy for you guys to get to be in Park City too. It did look like a lot of fun. Thanks for letting us come up there.

We are excited to see you on Christmas. Tell Adam, that I am planning on having chicken roll-ups for him on Christmas night. See you soon!! I love you!!

Georgia said...

It was so great to see you and your sweet little family last night. We're so happy to have finally met Hannah. She is even more beautiful than her gorgeous photos would lead a person to believe. What a sweet nature to go with those good looks...the perfect combination for a beautiful baby girl.

We hope you have a safe trip back home. Thanks for spending a couple of hours with us.