Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspiration: discovered

I have always loved beautiful things. Quite often I find myself on an inspiration journey~ seeking to find something truly beautiful. As I trudge daily through the beautiful mess named student teaching I find bits of inspiration.

Today while doing homework with a little piece of heaven nestled beside me I happened upon inspiration. This is for anyone who enjoys books, writing, traveling and family. In short, this blog epitomizes my existence. I am inviting anyone who wants to join in the fun to a 12 week course with Travelin Oma.

I am going to create a new that will not be private just for this occasion.

What's Happening?

~School Days~
A unique, free, course of study offered each day of the week
with my website as the virtual campus.

Daily Classes:
Mondays: Creative Writing
Tuesdays: Travel Studies

Wednesdays: Book Club
Thursdays: Home & Family Relations
Fridays: Discovering your Personal Philosophy

Where will the Seminar Happen?

Right here (at
A Post will be available by 8:am each morning

Your own blog, e-mail, a notebook, or daily life
is where you'll complete your home-work assignments.

When will School Days start? When will they end?

Monday, August 31st—Friday, November 20th

How Do I Sign Up?

1. Leave a comment on this post saying you're interested.

2. Read each daily post next week to see various class curriculum, goals and assignments.
Choose one or all as your course-work, and try to attend class
(by reading the post and doing the homework)
each day your class is offered.

3. You can do the assignments on your own,
or email them privately to TravelinOma,
but for the best results,
post your work on your blog,
and leave a comment and link on Oma's post
for others to see and comment on.

Homework assignments are totally adaptable to your own situation,
and not mandatory to be part of the courses. Your comments will still be welcome.

What's in it for me?

Fun, writing practice, ideas, some new ways of thinking, plus AWARDS!

4. Oma will randomly visit the blogs of those who leave a comment saying they completed an assignment. Participation points will be awarded, kept track of,
and a graduation certificate will be sent to those who finish a particular class.

Actual prizes will be awarded to anyone who participates and completes the assignments
for the entire 12 weeks in all 5 classes.

*Recruiting new students:
Feel free to forward this post to someone who might be interested.
(Click on the little letter icon at the bottom of the post.)

There will be 2 honorary degrees awarded for those who invite the most readers to try
the seminar. Just have them comment that they came to my blog from yours, and you'll be on the extra credit list!

The official graduation ceremonies will be posted Wednesday, November 25th.
Prizes and certificates will be sent then.

Grab your lunch-box, hoist your virtual backpack,
and come back to school the easy way.

See you Monday.
(You can sit next to the tall, tanned, blond!)


Margie said...

I would like to sit in on the class. I'm not good at daily posts, but I will try!

Bea said...

I'm not sure what it is all about, but "the glory of God is Intelligence" I think count me in ?