Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016

We had a visit from Aunt Amanda this month, which was wonderful. She was a fantastic helper and companion. We took trips to the park, library, museum, Pump It Up, and even a bread making class. It was so nice to have someone to help chaperone the kids around while feeling so big and pregnant.

Adam, Hannah, and Paige were home for Spring Break as well. Adam was so helpful and productive. We did a few fun things as a family, such as go to the museum, park, and the library, but mostly we just hung around the house while Adam worked on painting the girls’ room and taking care of little things around the house. A highlight for the girls was when Adam took them on a Daddy/Daughter date to see Zootopia. They went out to eat, saw the movie, and then got Sonic shakes afterwards. Lucky girls! Because Adam was home, I got to go on a Mommy/Daughter date with each of my girls. Hannah chose In-N-Out for lunch, and then toy shopping at Target, while Paige picked playing at the park and then being my Easter helper and picking out things for the Easter baskets.

Hannah was off track for most of March, and we had a lot of fun with her. She continued to read the Magic Tree House series, and even took some AR quizzes at school, going in a few mornings with Adam. She also continued to work on Lexia and a new math game that Adam introduced her to.
Hannah was extremely helpful to me, taking on chores like the laundry, and even mopping! Even though I’m having a hard time this late in my pregnancy, I’m grateful that she’s so patient and loving with me. She and Paige struggle to get along all the time, and Hannah can be extremely bossy to Paige, but other than their little tiffs, Hannah was a huge help during track break, and I feel like she’s grown up a lot.

Paige was back to school, but still got to have fun with Aunt Amanda, and she participated in all our outings. She likes being back in school. She got to bring snacks, and we all got to join in her Family Day, where they taught us how to make banana cream pudding with Nilla Wafers. Everyone loved learning to “cook.” She had Nevada reading week at school, and she got to dress up every day for school, she thought that was pretty fun.

Paige even got to have an Easter egg hunt at school! She brought home lots of eggs with treasures and candy, and she was so good to share with her sister and brother. Paige is very anxious for her brother to get here, and can’t believe it might be any day now!

Sam is a Hot Wheels maniac! He is always carrying around cars in his little fists, and loves being able to find videos of Hot Wheels on Netflix or YouTube. He especially loved Daddy being home so he could do manly things. He’ll be so happy for his brother to arrive so he can always have a buddy! 

Easter was very nice this year. Because we've been focusing on the baby's arrival we didn't have much time to think about Easter. On Easter morning we watched several videos of the Savior, and talked about his atonement, death, and resurrection. We gave the kids Easter baskets and dyed eggs as a family. Poor Hannah was feeling pretty sick to her tummy, so she participated from afar. She'd have spurts of feeling well, and she even wanted to go to the Campbell's for dinner, but once we got there her tummy felt tender and she spent the majority of the time on the couch reading. That night she got a blessing and by the next morning she felt all better, and you could really see the relief of that on her cute face. 

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