Monday, March 28, 2016

February 2016

As the months progress it becomes increasingly difficult for us to maintain our very active lifestyle. We did our best in February, and had a great time!

Hannah is on fire with her reading. She’s started the Magic Tree House books, by Mary Pope Osborne, and is flying through them. She’s reading about one a day. She’s also passed two math blasters and has been working hard on Lexia. She started to compose her song for the Let’s Play Music recital, and it sounds fantastic. Speaking of music class, she’s been working so hard on the piano, and learning musical theory. I’m very proud of this girl.

For Valentine’s Day she had a class party, and received a rose from a boy in her class. She thought that was pretty awesome. She enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa over during Valentine’s weekend.

One of the highlights of the month was Hannah’s field trip to the Smith Center to see Elephant and Piggie: The Musical. Hannah invited Mommy to chaperon, and they both had a fantastic time riding the bus and seeing the show. We were even lucky enough to sit on one of the front rows!

Paige was on track break for most of February. We tried to take advantage of the time off of school. We went to a car museum, which turned out to be pretty boring, so we headed over to Bass Pro Shop to look at all the cool things. We went to the museum a couple times, and of course the Library and many trips to the park for picnics. The weather was wonderful.

Paige also had many play dates. She had Maya over, Brooklyn, Aria, and of course, Cheyanne. She is such a social butterfly, and has many fun friends. Paige and Sam are also great buddies, and they play very well together.

Of course, Paige loves being the center of attention, so she loved having Grandma and Grandpa visit. She did makeup with Grandma every morning.

Sam loves being at home with Paige over track break. He’s always happy to go and play at the park, and is super adventurous. He continues to improve with his communication, and is so fun to talk to.
Grandpa brought his Hot Wheels tracks on our visit, and Sam became obsessed! He couldn’t believe his luck, and now carries around his Hot Wheels wherever he goes. He’s also still loving Batman and Superman (although he calls them Matman and Supe-man).

Unfortunately, Sam also discovered the iPad this month, and likes to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. He gets supremely angry if he gets it taken away!

February means the Color Run! This year was the best year yet! Both girls ran most of the way, and nobody complained at all. It was a blast, even though it was difficult for Mommy to walk/finish the race. We all tried to imagine what it will be like next year with six of us.

Mommy found out she has gestational diabetes, which has turned out to be a ginormous pain in the bum. The bright side is, we got to see baby boy in a 4D ultrasound, and he’s of course darling. He has some hair, and he’s a big, healthy boy. It made us even more anxious to meet him! 

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