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{April 2016}

April was such a special month for our family, for obvious reasons. We welcomed the newest member of our family, Jonathan Weldon Turney, on April 13th. It was a whirlwind of a birth, and we were all so grateful and relieved the time was finally right to meet our little Jono.

The anticipation for Jonathan was electric. Hannah and Paige asked daily when he was about to arrive. His birth was a whirlwind, as he was born minutes after we got to the hospital. It was a short labor and quick birth!

We had quite a few visitors over the course of the first weeks. Grandma and Grandpa, Nana, Allie, Hanley, Nolan, Rosalie, Hunter, Cade Mastaler, Lindsey Patten and Megan Long, and several local friends.

Adding a new member to the family isn't always easy on everyone, but the kids have been very patient with Jonathan and with Mommy. Luckily, we've had so much help and support that a lot of the burden was lightened, and its been a smooth transition. We've even managed a few outings to the park, the library, and Daddy even took the girls to a baseball game. There is nothing like a support system, and we are all very grateful.

{Jonathan's Birth Story}

The night of Wednesday, April 13th started like every other night for the past ten days. Around 8:00 I started experiencing contractions. I'd had false labor every night since April 3rd, so I didn’t think much of it. The day before I’d had a checkup with Doctor Brill who told me I was dialated to a “loose four to a five” and 70% effaced. He stripped my membranes, asked me if I wanted to move my induction up (which I declined) and sent me on my way, saying that unless I went into labor naturally, Jonathan would be born on Friday the 15th following an induction.

I didn't want to get my hopes up once the labor started, after all the false starts, but the contractions were around three minutes apart and I sensed a subtle change in strength, though they weren't painful at all. Adam was at scouts, and came home around 8:45. Mom and I were watching TV and around 9:00 I decided I should probably go to bed. I went upstairs to go to sleep, but I thought that I might as well take one more walk around the block to encourage labor—just in case. The contractions still weren’t painful, but I could tell something was happening. At one point during my walk I actually started to jog to see if I could get my water to break. Thankfully, it did not. I went back inside where Adam was lounging on the bed and I told him this might be it for real, that if by 10:00-10:30 the contractions were still there we could go to the hospital. My thinking was, if I go to the hospital they won't turn me away, they'll just give me Pitocin or break my water, since I was so progressed at my appointment the day before. Adam was nervous. We had a plan to induce, and that was more comfortable for him to deal with. Every time I’d have a contraction he’d jokingly say, “Stop doing that! You are making me nervous.” I told him to try to sleep, and he just laughed at that thought. Around 10 I could tell the strength of the contractions was intensifying. I took a shower. By 10:30 Adam asked what we were going to do and I told him I wasn't sure yet, but a minute later I had my first fairly painful contraction and I told him we could head to the hospital, I still wasn’t sure it wasn’t false labor and they wouldn't send me home. I took my time to make our bed, kiss our kids goodbye, and straighten up (my contractions still weren't that bad, but they were two minutes apart).

We drove to the hospital at 10:40 with steady contractions. Both of us were joking around, there was definitely some excitement in the air. We talked about how we were actually doing this, and that Jonathan’s birthday would be 4/14/16 as it was almost 11pm and we didn't think there was any way he'd be born before midnight. We pulled into the parking lot at 10:52 (I sent a text to my family as we were parking) and walked in through the ER because the main entrance was closed. A man asked if I needed a wheelchair and I declined, because I didn't want to seem overly dramatic. He called his congratulations to us as we walked down the hall. I had another fairly painful contraction in the elevator, and leaned on Adam for support.

While we were waiting for the nursing staff to buzz us in to the locked floor, I told Adam I needed to run to the bathroom, because I felt a slight leak and didn’t know if it was my water or my bladder. I went into the bathroom but couldn’t tell, so I just went to the bathroom anyway.

We were admitted into the labor and delivery wing, and a nurse approached us and asked if I was there for an induction and I said, "No, I'm in labor." She didn't look like she believed me and asked, has your water broken?" Without having time to say no, I suddenly I felt a huge gush of fluid. Adam and I looked down in shock as my water had broken all over the hall. I said, "Ummm yeah?" Adam said, "That has never happened to her before." Adam grabbed a “Wet Floor” sign and the nurse grabbed a towel for me, and said, “Well I’ll never look at anyone and ask if their water has broken again.”

We walked over to check in and I experienced my first "Oh crap" moment, because I felt him lower into my pelvis and my contractions immediately became unbearable. Adam wrote down my info while I tried to hold myself up against the counter and they told me to breathe, and directed me down the hall to room 2. At that point I was ready for my wheelchair, but they didn't offer one--haha.

I made it to the room somehow and kind of doubled over on the back of a chair. I felt a strange sensation, and my initial thought was that I needed to go to the bathroom, and I had my second “oh crap” moment when I realized it was Jonathan’s head causing the pressure and urge to push, which is what I told them. I had my eyes closed shut and they asked, "Is this your first baby, hon?" Adam said, "It’s her fourth." And FINALLY there was urgency in the room and they started saying, "She feels like she needs to push, this is baby number four." I didn't realize, but Adam told me after that there wasn't a bed in the room (they had the wrong kind of bed, not a delivery bed). Adam and the nurses helped me get undressed and put a gown on me. Somehow I walked over to the bed they’d just wheeled in to lay down. (I thought I was going to pass out/throw up and I still had my eyes closed).

I kept saying in my head "I can't do this. I have to do this." I was terrified. It was a horrible realization to know that there would be no epidural, and up until two minutes before I’d been counting on one. I got on the bed and told them "He's coming out of me." There were three nurses in the room. I don’t know their names, but one looked just like Emily Blunt (she’s the one who initially asked if my water had broken) a Hispanic nurse, and a tall, black man. Emily Blunt checked to see where the baby was and said "Yep, baby is at station 3.” I didn’t know what that meant until I looked it up later, and basically Jonathan was crowning. I don’t remember if they told me to push or not, or if I waited for any instructions. With the other three births, Adam was there supporting my leg, but I was surrounded by Emily Blunt and Tall Black nurse. I was pretty out of it, but Adam told me I was holding onto the bed with both hands, and then I was looking for Adam and I reached out for him to hold onto.

Nature kind of took over. I definitely remember the pressure and the “ring of fire” that people describe. I remember feeling and being aware of Jonathan’s head leaving my body and having an overwhelming sense of relief and joy. I also remember feeling the rest of him slip out of me and knowing that he was here.  I could hear Adam say something to the effect of "What the heck!" And it was all over. From the minute I got to the hospital to delivery was 14 minutes. About 7 minutes from the time my water broke. In total I experienced about 30 minutes of painful labor to delivery.  

They said he had a bit of deer in headlights syndrome, (me too) and he was pretty bruised. When he came out I remember seeing him kind of limp and I watched the nurse kind of handling his body, though I don’t quite remember what she was doing (I was in shock) I remember hearing him cry, and Hispanic nurse exchanged relieved looks with Emily Blunt. Someone cut the cord and took him over to the warmer to wipe him down and check him out. He received an Apgar score of 7, because he was slightly traumatized. Doctor Brill came in and delivered my placenta around 11:23. It was not painful but it was unpleasant. Then he checked my uterus and stitched me up, which WAS painful. Finally, after my placenta had been delivered and I was stitched up and hooked up to an IV for fluids and Pitocin to help my uterus contract back I got to hold and nurse Jonathan. His skin color was way off, and he seemed pretty bruised, but he was an expert at nursing from the beginning. He latched on like a pro and I could sense his immediate relief.  

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