Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 2014

Although at this point of my pregnancy time seems to be ebbing forward at a crawl, looking back on April I realize how fast time has flown! The days are weeks, and the weeks are days! 

We started off April by watching Conference together. It was a nice, relaxing weekend, and we enjoyed spending the time as a family. 

It seemed like our major focus for April was looking forward to spring break! It was so fantastic, let me tell you. We contemplated vacationing in Utah/Tahoe, but in the end, staying home with the four of us was better than we could have imagined. I did some major organizing, with Adam's help. We took a trip to the temple, the museum, the water park a few times, the library, etc.

Easter was really fun as well. I organized a ward/neighborhood egg hut at the park, and the girls enjoyed hunting and dyeing eggs and looking for their baskets. 

Here are some of my Facebook highlights: 

My favorite time of the day, is when the sun comes up, and my daughters quietly join us in bed. They are mostly still, and we all lay together with our arms wrapped around each other, my son wiggles inside me as he wakes up from the shifting bodies. I enjoy maybe three minutes of perfection before the girls want to switch spots, or Adam has to go get ready, or we all start telling each other our wacky dreams. From there, our day becomes hectic, but for that one moment, it's just us, together, and it fills me up for the rest of the day. (April 3rd) 

After school carpool:
Me: Did you two get to play at centers together?
Emma: We did! But I tried to be like Jesus and be friends with everyone!
Hannah: I TRIED to be like Jesus, but I just can't fix my mind! I only want to play with Emma! 
Me: It's okay to play with Emma as long as you are including everyone else too. 
Emma: It's okay, Hannah. I am a five-year-old and you are just a four-year-old. That means I'm wiser. You can be wiser than your sister. When you turn five, you can be wiser like me. (April 4th) 

Paige: I'm coming Hannah Lily Turney!
Me: Paigey, her name is Hannah Elizabeth Turney. 
Adam: My name is Daddy Lily Turney
Hannah: No! Your name is Daddy Marsden Turney! 
I think we're a little confused this morning... (April 4th) 

After reading "The Princess and the Pig," I convinced Hannah that when I had my first baby, it was ugly and I went to the hospital nursery and picked up the most beautiful baby I could find, and named her Hannah, and traded the ugly baby. I told her that her real mother was a beautiful princess that lived far away. "You mean you didn't really have me?!?! You aren't my REAL MOM?" she asked, horrified. I couldn't continue the trick because she was so devastated. I told her it was an April fools joke, and she chastised me, because it is NOT April fools day. (April 5th) 

As the Sunday morning session of conference came to a close and the organist started playing the closing hymn Hannah jumped up and shouted "I Stand All Amazed!!! I love this song!" She then she began to sing, "Oh it is wonderful that He should care for me enough to die for me! Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me!" 

I'm so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where I have been taught from my youth about the Atonement and pure love of Jesus Christ, and now thanks to family home evening, family scripture study, prayer, and WONDERFUL primary leaders and lessons my children can come to know Christ, and to feel His love, too. (April 6th) 

Hannah: Will you please put my socks on your highness? ...I mean, Mom. 
Hey, I'll take it. (April 7th) 

Writing a new story and experiencing MAJOR writers block. It's much more difficult the second time around, since I've just finished the 7th (ish) draft of my first manuscript, and it's much more fluid and polished, now I'm starting over with draft one of a new story and the characters aren't in my head, the words don't come as easily, and I'm not sure how I want to tell the story (although, I think it's a much better plot than the first novel). Maybe I'll just tinker around on Facebook. That ought to help. (April 10th) 

"Mom, smart people know how to read, and they are eggheads. I'm a little bit of an egghead and you are a BIG egghead." Words of wisdom from my four year old. (April 12th) 

It's usually difficult to make it to the temple together with little kids, but today we went to the temple as a family. Adam and I each took turns doing initiatories, while the other walked around the grounds with the littles. It was a great experience, and I loved being on the temple grounds with my daughters, and having the opportunity to share my feelings about the temple with them. 
Afterwords, we went out for brunch, then to the children's museum. I love spring break! (April 15th) 

I'll admit I was skeptical when Adam bought the water park passes this year, specifically because it's going to be difficult to do with a newborn...but we went for the first time today, and it was awesome! Even though I couldn't do much more than float around the lazy river for an hour and watch my kids splash in the kiddie area, it was nice to have the sun on my skin, and relive fun memories of last summer. Who is getting passes this year? (April 16th) 

After eating lunch at McDonalds and immediately following it up with a bowl of ice cream, Easter candy, and another large bowl of strawberries, kiwi, and grapes,Adam delicately asked, "Are you full yet?" Pregnancy, man...(April 16th) 

Strangers keep complimenting Hannah on her beautiful dimple. Little do they know it's a deep skin lesion she got when she bashed her face in at the library. (April 18th) 

My sweet brother-in-law, Addison, called from boot camp in Illinois! It was so great to hear from him, and to know he's doing well! I'm really proud of Addison andAmanda Morgan Turney for their strength and courage on this new adventure! (April 22nd) 

I've been anticipating the birth of this little boy for two years now...I'm getting super anxious for him to get here! Between planning for, praying for, and waiting for this little guy, it's beginning to feel like the longest pregnancy! Six more weeks! (April 23rd) 

There is a tiny but very strong body part (I'm so bad at identifying exact body parts, maybe a knee, an elbow, a heel...) that is roving around on my right side near my rib cage. I'll move my hand over him and press gently and he'll respond with more movement. I've been doing it for 15 minutes, and my heart is full to bursting because I miss him, but how can you miss someone you haven't even met yet? Time is CRAWLING, and I need my son in my arms! (April 26th) 

 Conference Cuddles 

 Me and my boy, reading
 Paige asked for a banana. She took one bite then brought it back to me.
 Hannah's artistic rendering of the princess pig
 Also Hannah's handiwork 
 First time in 9 years together that he's painted my toes

 Water park again! 

 April Birthday, Christmas wrapping

 Best little book club EVER! Hannah and Paige were jealous that I went to book club last night, so I proposed we hold our own! Hannah picked the book (I'm A Frog by Mo Willems) and read the book aloud, then I led the discussion asking questions like: Who was your favorite character, What was your favorite part, How did it make you feel, etc. I loved it! There is nothing better than reading with my kids!

35 Weeks! Five more to go! 

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