Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March 2014

March came in like a lamb and out like a lion. That's Vegas for you. 

When I last updated, I talked about my new calling as the second councilor in the Relief Society Presidency. Well, it was the shortest calling I ever held, because our ward was divided, and we found ourselves moved from the Coronado ward to the Blue Diamond ward. I'm now the Visiting Teaching Coordinator, and have spent many many hours trying to pair companionships and assigning sisters for them to teach. Lots and lots of learning and growth! I finally figured it out, though and I am really learning to rely on the spirit! When Adam and I went to the temple this month, we discovered that our temple recommends were issued in the Painted Mountain ward, which means, that our membership in two wards has expired before our temple recommends. We still have about five months on it, too! 

We had a great month as a family! We started off going to Shark Reef, which we haven't been to in a really long time. The girls were both excited about it, and I think the time passing helped them to see it with fresh eyes. I loved this conversation that Hannah and I had at Shark Reef: 

Me: Hannah, if you reached in the water and touched the crocodile's back how do you think he'd feel? 
Hannah: He'd probably feel like eating me! 

The girls and I watched Meet Me in St. Luis and Adam and I enjoyed the movie Gravity together. 

Pregnancy is taking it's toll, and Hannah and I had this conversation: 

Hannah: Daddy is going to play the fat princess game with me!
Me: Am I a fat princess? 
Hannah: No you're a fat queen! 

Adam told me he had a surprise for me that would make me cry. He pulled out the kindergarten registration packet for Hannah and I did indeed burst into tears because my baby is growing up so much and heading to KINDERGARTEN! Hannah and Adam thought it was hilarious. 

Our family indulged in a new obsession: Blue Bell ice cream. At first, Adam didn't think it was anything special, but as he's discovering, it just may be superior to every other ice cream brand of all time. We've been testing Blue Bell Rocky Road against all the other brands and none have come close to beating Blue Bell. 

Hannah received an invitation to a birthday party, a very elaborate one, that was held on a Sunday. We had to explain to her about keeping the Sabbath day holy, and how we don't go to birthday parties on Sunday. She was disappointed, but understood. It was hard for me to say no to a birthday party I knew she'd love so much, complete with pony rides, a bounce house, balloon animals, and face painting, but I knew it was important to set the boundaries early and plant the understanding in her heart soon.  

Hannah has been anxious to learn to read, and has been working very hard at learning her sight words, and working on her phonemic awareness. She loves to point out words she can read as I am reading books to her. 

We bought a bunch of clothes for our little son, and it's beginning to feel more real. I can't believe all the blue and green!

I've had a total of six interested agents contact me about reading my manuscript further and consider representing me and my novel. One has since passed on the project, but gave me encouraging advice! Praying one of them stays interested. 

The first thing Hannah did in our new ward was draw a picture of a piece of candy then a big X through it, to signify that she wasn't going to be getting candy after church anymore since we have a new bishop. She wanted to give it to our new bishop, but I suggested that she draw a picture of herself instead. She did, and signed her name, then asked how you spell, "Paige is naughty," presumably to warn the new bishop of her sisters antics. I said it wasn't very nice so she settled for, "Paige is sometimes good."

Poor Paige has really struggled with the new ward and insists that we accompany her to nursery. We usually ditch her after a few minutes and she's fine, but it's so weird that she's struggling, since she's never struggled before. It breaks my heart. She says, "I need new teachers!" 

We got to hang out with our niece Hanley when Allie and Jeff came to Las Vegas for a fun weekend. She is a doll! 

My blogger friend Lindsey Patten crocheted  a blanket for baby boy! It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done!  

Paige is super active all the time. She wants me to hold her constantly, which is hard, because, well, I'm the size of a house, and I can't really help it. She always wants to "tuddle" with me, so I do my best. She is so funny. The following conversation took place at nap time: Me: Paige, can you tell me a bedtime story? 
Paige: Sure! Once upon a time you die and die and die and die and die and die and die. The end. Was that funny? 
Me: ...

My first best friend Megan Winegar Long came to Vegas with her husband on a business trip and we were able to spend the day together with our daughters. We went to the children's museum, McDonalds, and then came to my house to hang out. Paige even sneaked her daughter Clara out of the port-a-crib so they could play. 

 Baby shower for her primary teacher. Baby June was adopted. Hannah said, "This baby isn't the same color as her mom." I took the opportunity to talk about babies that grow in hearts rather than bellies, and the blessing of adoption. 

 "You not like my picture dad?"

Hannah fell at the library and caught the corner of a chair. She now has a nasty bruise that has turned into sort of a dimple that I hope isn't permanent. 

 Getting ready for baby! 

 The FIVE of us! 

 Turney/Packard date night! 

 "Did daddy do this when he asked you to marry him?"

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