Monday, July 1, 2013

A Week(s) in the Life {June 17th-30th)

It's been a busy last couple of weeks and I'll try to summarize as best as I can.

Adam has been teaching Summer School (7th grade math) at Sierra Vista. It's been challenging for him, as the students are unmotivated and disrespectful. He's grateful to be in the elementary grades for sure. It's been nice that he's been able to work though, and he's enjoying the double pay and the shorter hours. Adam is extremely anxious to buy a van for our eventual family of three. I wanted to wait until I at least got pregnant but Adam just might get his way and buy a van early. We are mini van people. Adam took care of the girls all by himself while I was away at girls camp. He was pretty exhausted by the end of it and gained an appreciation for single parents, but they all had fun going to Pump it Up and McDonalds, out to frozen yogurt etc. He's a great dad and I didn't have to worry about their well being. I was also grateful to come home to a clean home and even shampooed carpets. He's the greatest.

I had a blast at girls camp and I can't believe it's over! It was such a spiritual experience helping the girls out and working with Lore Seager and many other wonderful ward and stake leaders. I was so wary of leaving my family but in the end it was a fantastic experience and I'm anxious to have another opportunity one day. Sheena, Cori, Chelsea, and Kasy Hastings cared for my girls while Adam was working and I was so grateful to them. They made it possible for me to fulfill my calling and I'm so glad they were so willing and loving of my kids. I also started querying agents for my book. So far I've sent out about ten. I don't expect any response for about 4-6 weeks but I'm feeling excited. My goal is to query about 100 agents and hope that at least one bites. I'm also working on two other projects: Women of Faith, which I hope to publish through an LDS outlet and Lights, Camera, Love: a bachelor type cheesy chick lit that I'm writing just for fun to be published through

Hannah is growing up like crazy. She is so smart and wonderful. We went on a tour through California Pizza Kitchen where the girls got to make their own personal pizzas and then see the rest of the kitchen. She loved it. She loved hanging out with her friends while I was gone and she had a blast.

Paige seemed to grow up quickly while I was gone as well. She's now complaining when things are "not nice," or she tells me she wants to do things like "shadow puppets." She is such an angel and so sweet and patient with us. One thing I think I've failed to mention about Paige is her desire to attend nursery. For her first few weeks she really struggled and cry whenever we left but we persevered and now she is fine. She loves her nursery leader, Brother Hulet.

I think I'm all caught time to post some pictures!

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