Thursday, July 18, 2013


This month has been extremely hot and I've lost motivation to post weekly. Mostly we are just hanging around trying not to die of heat exhaustion. We've spent some time at the museum, water park, we've eaten out and watched lots of Redbox movies.

So even though I haven't been posting on our daily life, I don't want to miss the opportunity to talk about my girls and their relationship.

Hannah and Paige are best friends. They are so extremely loving to one another. Even though we don't go out to play with friends in this heat, they really enjoy each others company. They play perfectly together.

Hannah is the typical big sister. She's the boss of most of their playtime. She suggests the games, picks the toys, and has the best ideas. Paige is perfectly content to follow her big sister. She happily plays Hannah's games. For an almost four year old, Hannah is extremely fair to her sister, because she loves her. She always makes sure that Paige is happy and asks her, "Are you having fun Paige?" To her credit, she is always having fun. Paige is super laid back and doesn't mind being bossed around. Especially when Hannah is so loving about it.

When I was pregnant with Hannah, I secretly wanted a girl. I would have been happy with a boy, but in my heart I wanted a daughter. Then when I got pregnant with Paige I knew I wanted a girl and there was no secret about it. I wanted two daughters close in age who could take care of each other and love each other. I couldn't be happier having my two daughters that were very much wanted and hoped for, but I didn't imagine the pure love and friendship that would bless our whole family. They are so tender to each other. Hannah is a wonderful big sister and Paige is a wonderful little sister.

Not only do they play well together, they are concerned for each other. When Hannah is upset, Paige makes sure that I know about it, and that I'm doing something about it. When Paige is doing something dangerous, Hannah jumps in and becomes extremely protective. I was filling up their bath this morning and Hannah said, "That's enough water, Mom. If Paige drowns she will die." The water was up to their ankles...

Sure they have their moments of contention (daily). They tick each other off and start arguing, but I hardly ever have to intervene because they hate being mad or mean to each other.

I love these girls, I'm so glad they belong to us.

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