Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Week in the Life {May 27th-June 2nd)

This week has been extremely emotional, as two members of our ward family lost their newborn son on Tuesday. I'm not going to say much about it now, but I will say that I spent the entire week feeling pretty low and depressed until baby Louie's funeral and I was lifted up by the spirit, and by the patient and graceful way Rachel and Dustin are handling their trial. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation and for the knowledge of eternal families that ease our burdens. I'm also grateful for the amazing women I'm surrounded by. I posted this on Facebook: "I just want to say how blessed I feel to know many of you personally. Every time I log on I'm amazed to see everyone's willingness to serve and "bear one another's burdens," and to "comfort those that stand in need of comfort." It reminds me of the second verse in the song As Sisters in Zion: The errand of angels is given to women; And this is a gift that, as sisters, we claim: To do whatsoever is gentle and human,To cheer and to bless in humanity's name. Thanks for being shining examples of service and love to me."

I also had the opportunity to go to teach a lesson with the sister missionaries. The spirit there was extraordinary  and those sisters are meek and strong at the same time. They bore powerful witness and I was able to feel my Savior's love for beautiful Katie, the girl who we were teaching. I also felt the spirit guiding me and directing my words and testimony. 

My parents were back from their trip to California so they watched the girls while Adam and I went to the temple. The peace was incredible and I felt the spirit teaching me so much while in the session. I'm grateful for the temple. We forgot to leave a key with my parents so they were locked out and spent hours at the park. I didn't have my phone with me so we didn't know until after we left the temple. My dad promised Hannah a parfait about a month ago when she claimed she must have kidney stones so they went to get a parfait and when Hannah ate her last bite she declared, "I don't have kidney stones anymore."

Hannah had her last day of preschool for the year. I felt so much gratitude for a year of fun and learning. The co-op was a success and I love each one of those beautiful children. I kept vacillating between feeling sad that she was growing up, and gratitude that I had the opportunity to watch her grow and learn. 

We've been having a blast at the water park which finally opened. Paige isn't a fan of being wet or cold so the water park isn't a great match for her. Good thing she is free. Hannah and Adam especially love it and they are good buddies together. We all look like we've finally gotten some sun. 

One of my favorite exchanges of this week was this: 
Paige: "Mommy?" 
Hannah: "No, shhhhh....I need her first! Mom!" 

Another was when I was staring off into space and Hannah asked me, "Are you thinking about how to make cupcakes?"

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