Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Week in the Life {June 3-9}

Summer is officially here. Adam is out of school (for the moment). We all smell perpetually of sunscreen and our skin is changing from super white to a little less white.

We went to the water park this week with friends. It was  better for all of us than when we just go with the four of us (though that is enjoyable too). The big thing we did this week was go to Nana and Papa's house in Visalia for Avery's high school graduation.

Avery is the sweetest kid and the sweetest uncle. He's an awesome guy and it was great that we could all go out to celebrate his life event. We also had a family BBQ on Saturday that culminated in a pool party. It was the best time I've had with the Turney's since Hawaii. Kris made a very special, very beautiful quilt for Hannah.

The girls are so sweet and so good. Hannah was the best she's ever been in sacrament meeting, so attentive and reverent. They were both excellent on the road trip.

One of my best memories of the week was playing The Game of Things. A card is read with a prompt and then we all answer, while everyone else has to guess and come up with who said what. One of the funniest rounds was "Things you shouldn't celebrate" Kris forgot how to spell Holocaust and instead wrote "Holoquast." We were dying. Another funny category was "Things you should learn in school."  Adam didn't learn that Helen Keller was a white woman until he was 21 years old (no joke) so to poke fun of him I wrote "Helen Keller was black." In the same round Adam wrote "Helen Keller WASN'T black." As I type this, I realize it probably isn't funny to anyone but us, but I'll tell you...each of us had tears pouring out of our eyes and uncontrollable laughter. It's great to get together as a family and rehash old inside jokes. Helen Keller is a running joke in the family anyway, so it's great to get together and just laugh.

Anyway, Adam has one day off tomorrow and then he has a three day science class and then orientation for summer school.

Adam and I listened to Truman Madsen's lectures on Joseph Smith's life and Gene R. Cook's "Raising a Family unto the Lord" so it was a pretty productive drive to and from Visalia. We are learning great things.

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