Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Week in the Life {4/29-5/4}

Happy May, everybody.

Nothing much to report this week, except Adam got accepted into a summer school program where he will be teaching middle school reading. Yay for a job. Also, our Avery got his mission call to Colorado Springs, Colorado where he will preach the gospel to people in his native land and in his native tongue, which he could not be happier about.

Other than that, we are doing the usual... Library, park, museum, preschool, etc. Hannah is doing this thing where she is afraid of nothing because if she gets hurt or killed its no big deal to her, she'll just be resurrected. Paige has a new nickname: parrot. She mimics everything Hannah says or does. It is very funny.

Hannah has been very into Daniel Tigers neighborhood and asked if we could make Banana Swirl, which is essentially a blended banana that has the same consistency as ice cream. She learned groom Daniel how to make it. Daniel sings "if something's bad/turn it around/and find something good" so when Hannah encounters something she deems bad she'll say something like "lasagna for lunch? I better turn this around."

Paige talks like a ten year old. She is so articulate and expressive. Some of my favorite "Paige-isms include: I love you mom, okay mom, I tell you something, I hold you, I sorry mom, no Hannah. She says the cutest prayers ever. She'll say "Heavy Father, I love you. Amen." Or "bless food, grateful day, grateful food, grateful blessings, food. Amen.

You might notice I'm posting a day early. That is because I'm taking a screen free week challenge. I'll be "offline" for a week so if you need to get ahold of me, please text. Thanks :)

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