Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paigey Pie

I've written so much about Hannah on this blog and Facebook. She is my first born, she is active, she is hilarious. This post isn't about Hannah. It's about my other princess. The one who is quickly coming into her own, and lighting up our lives.

Paige is 15 months next week. She is practically the sweetest thing I've ever been privileged to know. Paige is so loving towards all of us. When Adam gets home from work, she is the one to make the biggest deal with her wide smile, squeals of joy, and exclamations of "DADA DADA!" She runs to him and gives him the most sincere hug, as if she never expected him to return. She then excitedly draws him over to whatever she was doing at the time of arrival and invites him to join her. She reacts the same way when one of us gets her from a nap. So excited to be with everyone. She also is very excited to see Hannah when picking her up from preschool or after sleeping through the night without her. They always love to be together.

The sisters are wonderful together. It is a rare moment indeed that one will be mad at the other. They play together so well. I think it is in part to Paigey's sweet and patient nature. Paige is extremely patient with almost everything (except food). She will lay in her crib for who knows how long, not making a peep until one of us goes to get her. She'll let Hannah trade toys with her for the most part and doesn't get upset if she doesn't get what she originally wanted. In other words, she is happy to put others wants and needs before hers.

When she does get excited or upset, she will stomp her feet. It is pretty funny to watch a Paigey melt down. Usually things that make her upset include being hungry, or not being cuddled. She loves to be around all of us and does not enjoy being left out. It is hard on her sometimes, being too little to do things. She loves to eat. Someone observed, "I always see Paigey eating, weather its fruit or garbage." She is infamous for trying to eat garbage. Just yesterday she found an old grilled cheese at the park and I had to rescue her from it.

Paige is very smart too. Like Hannah, her vocabulary is taking off. She says: Mom, Dad, Nana (Hannah), Gama (Grandma), Gompa (Grandpa) CheeChee (Chippy), Me, baby, dog, kitty, wow, uh oh, pees (please) too too (thank you), no, yeah, bath, shoes, pretty, book, bonk, hand, eyes, noes, ears, toes, belly button, bum, tummy, outside, car, bike, hi, bye-bye...I'll have to add to the list when I think of more things she says. She understands just about everything and for the most part, she is happy to obey.

Paige loves to snuggle. If you are in need of a good cuddle, just put on a movie, read a book, or climb in bed with Paigey. As long as you snuggle her close and speak sweetly to her (and Hannah isn't running around like crazy) she is content to sit and talk with you.

Paige loves to dance! Her favorite show to watch is Yo Gabba Gabba. When she hears music, she starts to swing her hips or bounce her knees. She is the best dancer! She also loves to sing. Last summer we were really into We Are Young by Fun. When it got to the chorus, Paige would start babbling loudly along with us.

Paige is very excitable. She loves to find our elf Chippy each morning in his new spot. She loves to see animals. She loves to skype with her family in Utah. In general, she is the happiest person I know. Because of this, she brings joy to all around her. She is known for her bright, big smile and gives it freely. In general. She's pretty shy of people for the first hour, then will be your best friend. When her aunt Allie came to stay with us she was that way, but has missed her. In fact, the day after Allie left Paige went to find her in Hannah's room. Discovering she wasn't their, she waved and said "Bye-Bye Aheee." She prefers her parents to strangers for sure, but will warm up pretty quickly if she has to. She has stranger danger fears, way more than Hannah did.

I couldn't imagine life without her. Two years ago, I was pregnant with her, which means she has been a part of my life, my heart, for two years. I can't believe it's been that long. I love her with all my heart and I'm so glad she is mine. I love seeing her grow and change and develop this wonderful personality. I love you Paigey Pie!

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