Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Week in the Life {11/26-12/2}

Some of you may have seen on Facebook that I have had troubles with posting photos on the blog. If I sign in to Adam's account, I don't have a problem. This is my temporary solution while I edit and publish my blogs into journals and slowly delete pictures and posts I don't need/want floating around in the blogosphere anymore.


Karen and Jeff Conley and the girls stayed overnight on Sunday. We woke up and spent some time with them. Hannah LOVED the twins and cried and cried when they left. Chippy had decorated our tree in toilet paper (naughty elf!) Hannah thought it was awesome. Paige is fixated with the advent on our wall and keeps pulling out/rearranging events so Sean and Lindsey may have to get married on the 13th now. The first day back after a long holiday is always kind of a bummer so we missed Adam a lot. I did some Cyber Monday shopping and went to bed super early. It was awesome.


Chippy ended up hiding in a stocking! He also brought back some of his favorite food from the North Pole (marshmallows). I started to read A Christmas Carol (the annotated version). Hannah went back to preschool and I worked on our 2008 blogs. I'm trying to go back and read/edit them (mainly grammar, not content) to make a book. Adam was exhausted going back to school but had scouts. That night in lieu of book club, we threw a surprise shower for one of our book clubies Brittany Smith who is having a baby named William (Will it). It was an awesome night. 


Chippy was found riding on Bullseye! What a funny guy. I was very tired from the night before. I was also pretty grumpy. Adam hates it when I'm grumpy. The girls and I went to the park for a while. It's such wonderful weather we have to take advantage of it when we have the chance. They were working on some electric stuff and Hannah went around trying to tell everyone to be safe. Paige went around trying to find food. I love the kids they play with. They are awesome. 


Chippy was hanging upside down from my Christmas garland. Hannah had preschool and told everyone all about it. After preschool we went to the library. 


Chippy had made Santa hats out of construction paper and cotton balls and stuck them on the girls pictures. Grocery shopping was desperately needed, so I packed the girls up and we headed to Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Glaziers as well as Rapsodielle for some Christmas shopping. For some reason I was especially worn out and tired, and after hitting up four stores Hannah advised "It would be a really good idea for you to take a nap. You've been very grumpy today and I think you are just tired." We spent the afternoon snuggling on the couch watching Christmas movies. It was a mood booster for sure. 
Adam spent the night working on report card comments, grading papers, lesson plans. In fact, he did it all week/weekend. It was intense and my poor guy just couldn't catch a break. 


Chippy was hiding in a glass vase.We had had a birthday party to go to early Saturday. It was awesome! It was for three of our little friends. I also had a baby shower for a good friend to attend. Adam was working Saturday morning, and I am super grateful for awesome friends who are so willing to take our kids so I can do things! My friend Lidia’s husband Steve (who Hannah adores) watched Hannah so I could go to the baby shower. Adam got home and we had fun as a family, going to Forbuss to play on the playground and ride bikes, dinner time, then Elf as a family. We didn't get it finished, but the girls loved it. Also, per Adam and Melissa Turney tradition, we all got to open an ornament that represented our year. Adam got a tool box, because he is always helping fix things for others (usually computer related so the tool box is more symbolic, although he did use his tools a lot this year) I got a runner for my half marathon, Hannah got a little girl holding books, and Paige got a Precious Moments doll holding a lion and lamb because a) she loves animals so much and b) she is our family peacekeeper. 


Chippy replaced all our stockings with socks! Silly Chippy. Church was good today. I’ve stated before that we are in a very difficult stage right now. It seems like both my girls have a hard time being reverent. We were fasting and didn’t have any energy and I prayed we’d be able to get through without tears. The girls were pretty awesome and we were able to sit through all three meetings for the first time in about 6 months. Wow. I listened to the Christmas devotional and it was wonderful.

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