Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Few Weeks in the Life, Christmas, and a Wedding {12/10-12/27}

What a wonderful Christmas season for the Turney Family. Here are the highlights:

On Friday the 14th, Hannah had her preschool friends over for a Christmas party. As always Brandee was fantastic, pulling together quite a fun project for the kids to accomplish. Stace read some wonderful stories and the kids mainly just enjoyed each others company. I got my hair cut by the lovely and talented Jill Geeb in preparation for the wedding. This was the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting which totally unhinged me. We were supposed to do our traditional Turney Family Christmas Eve (since we open gifts before we leave for the holidays) but we were all kind of off and it didn't really happen. 

Saturday the 15th we opened all our gifts to each other and from the Turney's. It was really a lot of fun and we got some great things (like our TV that we got in September lol, along with lots of new Blu Rays to watch on it). The girls had a blast and it made me happy to see them get so excited over opening gifts. We drove to Utah and were very anxious to get to Grandma and Grandpa. We met up with them in Salt Lake and ate dinner/walked around to see the lights on Temple Square. 

Sunday the 16th Adam and I, along with my mom and Meg (and many cousins) got to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert featuring Alfie Boe and Tom Brokaw. It was incredible. My favorite part was the Candy Bomber story, and Alfie Boe singing "Bring Him Home." 

Tuesday the 18th was the wedding. It was a magnificent day. I've never seen my brother so happy and I've never seen a more beautiful bride. It was such a wonderful day as a big sister. I'm so proud of both of them and I love them both very much. Adam unfortunately had to leave us this day, after the wedding luncheon so he flew home before the reception but it was lovely. 

Wednesday-Thursday Hannah got sick. She had a stomach bug and there is nothing worse than watching your children be in pain. She was a wonderful sport about it, and seemed to be much better on Thursday when we all took her to City Creek. She was fine for the most part but threw up at the food court after we'd shopped and played for a couple hours. She was so sad to leave though. 

Saturday the 22st was Lesley's annual family Christmas party, a highlight of the year. We picked Adam up from the airport and took him back to City Creek (Hannah was dying to go back). We had a lot of fun there going to the dinosaur play area, anthropology, and the Disney Store. After that we drove our kids up to see the Bountiful Temple so they could see where we were married. It really is a beautiful temple. The party was ridiculously awesome. My family is pretty much the best one out there and we all seem to enjoy each other a lot. Hannah and Paige both did well seeing Santa and Hannah even preformed Child of God at the talent show. It was pretty cute. Hannah's favorite part was being with her "cousins" and playing toys. Paige was super sweet but wanted Grandma Margie mostly. 

Sunday the 23nd was the Ensign family party. We all had a great time at the Bean's new home. I also love my Ensign family an insane amount and I think more than ever, this trip to Utah has given me an appreciation for my stable and loving background. I have four amazing grandparents, loving aunts and uncles, and wonderful cousins. Sean and Linds got back from their honeymoon and we enjoyed spending more time with them.

Monday was of course Christmas Eve. My favorite day of the year. Usually we spend the afternoon picking a movie to go to but because we had the kids, we went to some friends of my parents who have a sweet home theater set up in their basement and watched Home Alone 2. They were super awesome, letting us come over, making us popcorn and cookies, and they even set up a Christmas game for us. That evening we had our traditional crab and steak dinner (sans the chicken, which was alright). It was amazing. Dad told his famous Santa encounter story, the girls helped telling the nativity story with Grandma Margie's nativity from Bethlehem, and then it was off to bed for the girls while we watched "It's a Wonderful Life." It really is. 

Christmas was amazing. Hannah has been dying for a doll house, which Grandma and Grandpa got for her and Paige to share. We went to the Grandparent's Marsden and hung out with our awesome family again for the third time that week. Then we came home, met up with the new Mr. and Mrs. Marsden and just hung around all afternoon, the nine of us. Probably one of the best Christmases I've ever had. 

The 26th was Les Miserables. I've been dying for 22 years to see this made into a movie. I've seen it on stage 4 times, and I got about 60% into the giant book before I saw the movie. It was an incredible movie experience, although Adam wanted to take me home because I was so emotional. By so emotional I mean body wracking sobs, using up half a toilet paper roll on my tears, and full on blubbering  He was probably pretty embarrassed, but it was an amazing experience. We also went to see the newly weds open gifts and spend time with the Howells. It was a lot of fun. 

Today is the 27th and we drove home to Las Vegas. I'm always super emotional when we drive home. I always have felt like I'm the outsider of my family and it doesn't help living out of state. It's especially hard to leave because my girls get so sad. Hannah was frantic because she hadn't yet made a snow angel so she got a last minute one in as we left. 

Like I said (and as you can see) it was a great holiday season and I'm grateful we had the opportunity to have it :) 

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Georgia said...

You do have an amazing family, Melissa. You and Adam have created such an incredible family with your two beautiful, little girls!

I love all the photos of the girls with Christmas gifts and grandparents and the kids on the couch!

It was so great to see you for a little bit while you were in Utah. I'm glad you had such a fabulous time!