Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

What a fantastic year for our family! Our "top stories" of 2011 include:

1) Paige being born! We love this girl and she is by far the best thing to happen to us in 2011

2) Adam finishing up his coursework! Great job Adam.

3) Addison and Amanda getting married. I love my new sister in law and I think they are a fantastic couple.

4) Papa Turney coming home from Iraq. It was a huge sigh of relief to have him back home, and have our family together again.

5) Sean getting home from his mission. It was a long two years without my brother and I'm so glad he returned home from Australia. He's doing great things with his life.

6) Hannah's vocabulary exploded in 2011. There is nothing she can't communicate to us. I love our relationship and I love talking with her.

7) Hannah being potty trained. Yep, I guess I can add this to our highlights because although it was miserable and she isn't PERFECT yet she is pretty amazing and I'm grateful I don't have to do it for another couple years...

8) Our little foreign exchange student adventure. It was a little difficult and ultimately with the Korean's smell I couldn't handle them and my morning sickness. To this day when I smell the febreeze we used in their room, or the plug in we used in their room, or even think about Kim Chi I feel nauseated. Although it ended early, we learned lots of things and it was one of our bigger adventures of the year.

9) Adam turning 30. He went skydiving which was incredible to watch and so fun for him but turning 30 was even more monumental than jumping out of the plane. I'm married to an old man now.

10) Getting in shape. Both Adam and I are working hard at being healthy. Adam is going to the gym several times a week and I'm running with the ultimate goal of running a half marathon in 2012. Adam looks incredible (even though he won't let me post pictures...oh well. Your jk) and I feel great and have lost 43 lbs so far.

2011 hasn't been perfect. It hasn't been easy. The pregnancy was not great...the semesters when Adam was taking 12-18 graduate level courses and working 50-60 hours a week on top of that were pretty brutal. The uncertainty with the school district is always lots of fun to deal with...but we have been incredibly blessed and we are ending the year proud to have accomplished a lot and to have survived. !


Bea said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for this year. Way to go in "blogging" as you go. I'm still trying to catch-up,
I never will. :o)

Georgia said...

2011 was an amazing year for your family; one filled with so many huge, never-to-be-forgotten milestones.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2012 (even though you may not add another baby to the family and no one in the family will turn 30, there should be some great things!)

Love you!