Thursday, November 10, 2011

My blog is about to get REAL boring =)

I'm going to try to be better at blogging the every day blessings and occurrences in our life. If something noteworthy has happened I'll put a little (*) next to the title, but for now I'm just going to use the blog more like a journal and take a few minutes a couple times a day to blog so here I go during nap time...

Today Hannah showered for one hour. It was a waste of water but she didn't want to get out and I wanted to get ready and fold the laundry in peace.

Today Paige woke up with the biggest smile. Every morning when she sees me for the first time she gives me such a huge grin like "Hey, I know you...where have you been."

Today Hannah said the following hilarious things..
"Mommy I was lost, I break your heart." She got lost in Joann's on Saturday and we've been really trying to emphasize what you do if you get lost, and how sad we would be...I don't remember saying my heart would break but she keeps repeating this so I must have.
"Daddy jump in the airplane, Hannah jump in the airplane too." She saw a picture of Adam skydiving...
"We gotta get daddy's credit card to buy toys." Hannah was in Adam's wallet and found his credit card and he told her we use it to buy toys...I told her Daddy was just teasing her, we really use it for emergencies only and we use money to buy toys. She then told me she wouldn't share her toys with Paige. I told her of course she would.
"We gonna exercise ? I gotta need a bra." I work out to Jillian Michaels every morning, or I go running. Either way I wear a work out bra. She saw me getting ready and so she wanted to wear one too. 

We went to the library today and I realized how big Paige is getting by how well she holds herself up. It made me sad/happy. She is such a snuggler and she cozies on up with me in the baby bijorn wherever we go. 

Hannah has been really into Disney Princesses and can't stop talking about the Dragon on Sleeping Beauty today. Adam brought her Beauty and the Beast from his classroom last night and she wanted to watch it today. When Gaston was fighting with the Beast Hannah kept saying "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!!" She looked like she would cry when the Beast died but had the biggest grin when he changed into a handsome prince. 

Hannah thinks there is an alligator living under her bed after reading the book "There is an Alligator under my bed." She frequently tells me "Mommy there's an alligator under my bed, let my show you hims." We then go upstairs and look under my bed and she "shows" me. I told her she is moving rooms soon and she's worried that the alligator won't go into the purple room. I told her he would. 

Now my girls are napping...I've cleaned the bathrooms and dusted. Adam is making a presentation at school today, he's had a lot of great opportunities to teach teachers and train them on technology and policy. We are hopping this opens doors for him in the near future :)

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