Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making Christmas Special

Christmas was always an amazing time of year as a kid. Not just because we got loaded up with awesome new gifts, but because there is just a magical feel in the air. That was the best part about being a kid, having all the fun and no work...

Now as a mom, the best part about Christmas is doing things that make the season special for your kids. This year I bought a special advent calendar for our family, and tucked away in each pocket is an activity. I made special cards  and actually printed out more than 25 activities for each day.

These are the chosen activities. The BEST part is that most of these are ABSOLUTELY freeeeeee!

(In no particular order)
Decorate the tree
Open your special ornament
Watch the Live Nativity at Opportunity Village 
Ride the Santa Train
Write Letters to Santa
Read the Polar Express and Watch the Movie
Read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Watch the Movie
Read A Christmas Carol Pop up and Watch a Mickey's Christmas Carol
Watch Elf
Go for a Drive to See Christmas Lights
Drink Egg Nog and Listen to your favorite Christmas Music
Turney Family Christmas Party
Do Service for Mommy (my personal favorite :)
Special Nativity Family Night
Much on M&Ms and read a Christmas Poem
Provide a Christmas Service for Friends
Buy Christmas Presents for Family (This year Hannah is going to the dollar store to pick something out for everyone herself)
Cactus Garden Christmas Lights
Make a Christmas Craft to send to Grandparents
Drive to see Grandma and Grandpa (or Nana and Papa on alternating years)
Listen to Grandpa tell his Santa Story
Watch a Christmas Movie on
Live like A Shepherd Family Night
Play with Jingle Bells and learn a new Christmas Song
Indoor Snowball Fight and hot chocolate

If anyone has any more suggestions I'd love to hear them! These will be rotated and changed and we'll try to mix it up (obviously we won't be watching all the movies night after night, probably one a week) but I'm so excited for my advent! For more Christmas ideas check out my CHRISTMAS PINTEREST board. There you can see my pottery barn advent calendar and the indoor snowball fight bucket. Too cute!

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