Monday, November 21, 2011

House Guests

As everyone knows, I live in Las Vegas. Not only is Las Vegas a pretty entertaining place to be (no,'s not just sex, drugs, and gambling...) but for a Utah family who love the beach, and a California family who love the mountains, Las Vegas is also a half way point to these places. This means we have had LOTS of house guests. We love it! We LOVE when people ask to stay with us for a night or two. This is your invitation :)

My cousin Jon is staying with us tomorrow night and I wanted to find out just how many people have stayed in our home passing through or visiting Las Vegas. Here is what I've come up with.

Becky Strong
Joe Strong
C.J. Strong
Jeff Conley
Karen Conley
Matt Conley
Mark Conley
Katilyn Conley
Caroline Conley
Joe England
Laura England
Steve Bean
Suzie Bean
Carlie Bean
Emily Bean
Tiffany Bean
Tyler Bean
Jenny Bean
Maui Bean
Caitlin Fowler
Richard Fowler

As of this week I can also include:
Jon Conley
Amanda Turney

Which means 33 family members have stayed at my home and...

Janalea Olsen
Murray Olsen
Joe's Crew (X6)
Megan Long
Eric Long
Brian Clawson
Kim Clawson
Rosalie Mastaler
Michael Mastaler
Janelle Mastaler
Hunter Mastaler
Josh Rehfeld
Mariella Rehfeld
Rebbeka Rehfeld
David Nelson
Tera Nelson

23 friends

Which means there have been more than 56 people who have spent the night at my house...

And Family and Friends who have VISITED but not spent the night
Randy Whiting
Samantha Whiting
Granma Bea
Granpa Alan
Grandma Phyllis
Grandpa Don
Mike Leger
Caitlin Leger
Cory Nielsen
Lilian Nielsen
Alan Nielsen
Taylor Nielsen
Jacob Nielsen
Michael Nielsen
Archie Marsden
Julie Marsden
Ammanda Marsden
Alyssa Marsden
Aubree Marsden
Marivic Marsden
Kathy England
Richard England
Natalie England
Rich Ensign
Sarah Ensign
Austin Turney
Logan Sampson
Breanna Charles
Brandon Burton
Kelsea Burton
Katie Daniels
Danelle Prestwitch
Brended Prestwitch
Adi Shewell
Gulya (from Russia, I can't recall her last name)
Mindy Cannon (she doesn't really count, she used to live here lol)
 David Loads
Averil Loads
Katie Loads
Jacob Loads


Bringing the grand total of Utah and California visitors to 97 visitors to our home.

That means our 100th guest will get tickets to a show of their choice ;)


Bea said...

Is your middle name Hospitality ?

Maybe you need a guest book :o)

It would be good journal keeping :o)

Dani Marie said...

Wow! You guys must be very hospitable! And a lot more popular than Kelly and me. Our grand total: 6.

My parents and Cami (once)
Kelly's parents (once)
Kelly's best friend Nariman (twice).

However, Kelly is trying to get into Teach For America in Las Vegas, so maybe if we end up there we'll get more visitors since it's a lot closer to home? ...Nah, it probably really is a popularity not distance thing. ;) said...

I would die of happiness if you guys got in Las Vegas Dani!

caligirl178 said...

ill be 100... :)

Adam said...

That would be so fun if you guys moved out to Las Vegas. Keep us updated on what happens.

Meg said...

We stayed at your house when you weren't even in the state! And it was awesome! Your hospitality has overflowed so much that your house can be welcoming even without you now!