Saturday, August 16, 2014

July 2014

I keep getting behind, and the best way to catch up is to summarize through pictures 

 Since Sam joined our family we get a kick out of the small things in life. Like kisses, trips to the mailbox, puzzles, and haircuts.

We had a fantastic Fourth of July. It started with a hike at Spring Mountain Ranch with some friends from the ward. Then we spent a couple hours at the water park. Finally, it was off to Red Rock casino for a fireworks show, which almost got cancelled due to crazy rain! 

That weekend we took a field trip to Shark Reef. The first time we went, we were a family of three, but we've grown to a family of five! When I realized that we were going to be taking our last weekend trip to Shark Reef as a family, my heart broke a little. We are entering into a new phase of life in our family. Sure, Adam will still be able to take our kids by himself, but things are shifting. Hannah will be heading off to kindergarten, Paige is starting preschool, and Sam adds a whole new dynamic to our family. Our family of three too quickly became a family of five, and I feel that I can't blink because I'm in danger of missing something vital. 

A few randoms, some library trips, chalk art, and sick Sam...he developed a cough during week three that continued to week nine. I was worried it was pertussis but it wasn't. 

Hannah graduated from her Pre-K class and is now ready for kindergarten! It was a really fun year, and Hannah loved being in Mrs. Ferrall's class! 

We went on a really fun bowling field trip! It took TWO HOURS to play ONE GAME!!! So we ended up not even finishing the second game that came with our deal (two games plus lunch for 10$).

 Awesome big sister! 
 A special letter from Forbuss! Her kinder info! 
 Learning ballet for free. Because free. 
 Day out with Mommy to Barns and Noble 
 Our Sam getting bigger
 After Barns and Noble we went to the park! 

Matching ties. 

I cannot believe Hannah is five! She had a Frozen themed birthday party and invited several girls from the ward etc. We played pin the nose on Olaf, made snow globes, and had a real snowball fight. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. July was an incredible month! 

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