Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 2014

As you can imagine, our life has been pretty insane with three kids. June was filled with wonderful moments, most of them consisted of cuddling and ogling our Samuel.

We loved having my mom in town, and we were so sad to see her leave. She was such a huge help, I can't even express how lucky I am for such an amazing mother, who also happens to be an amazing grandmother.

We also loved that my dad got to take a little trip to Vegas. He was on business in California and was able to take several hours to drive out and meet Samuel. Of course Sam is named after my dad, so it was especially tender to me.

Adam's parents and sister Aubrey also drove out for a quick weekend to meet Sam. It was great to see them, and we appreciated them taking the time and spending the money to come meet our newest addition.

Speaking of the Turney's, Kris and Terry were extremely generous with us, and got us a hotel room in Palms Springs so we could come and enjoy a vacation with the family. It was such a fun trip, and it reminded me of my childhood at Snowbird. The girls had a blast, and we were able to make many happy memories.

I'm afraid due to sleep deprivation I'm struggling to recall all the amazing and wonderful things that we did, but I was very good at documenting it all with photographs so they'll have to speak for themselves.

I will note that I have many amazing friends who served us in the month of June. We received dinners from my visiting teachers Sheena (Perry, of course), and Christina Phelps. My friend Jen Lee brought us THREE freezer meals which saved my life. Cori (Gage, of course) and Matt took the girls for a morning so that I could SLEEP which was amazing, and Kim Maloy also took the girls for a morning. I feel like with all the help from our friends we've been able to fall into a good groove, and our transition to three hasn't been bad at all.

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