Saturday, April 10, 2010

Summer is officially upon us...

In Utah the weather should be changing shortly...March and April introduce the beautiful springy weather with a little bit of a tease here and there (Mom said they used snowplows last week...) but for the most part, spring has sprung and everyone in Utah is happy.

Down here in Vegas however, Summer is here. There is no turning back. Today it reached a high of 80 degrees, yesterday even higher. The weatherman said "enjoy this week, it will be one of the prettiest of the year." I guess that's what you get when you live in Vegas. I labored and gave birth on a day that got up to 118 degrees.

We have been taking advantage of the absolutely GORGEOUS weather Hannah and I (along with Adam today) have spent the last three days in three different parks. Hannah loves the sunshine and takes off on the lawn (she is used to the prickly grass by now).

People tell me that I should love the weather, not understanding that living in 112-120 degrees in the summer is as crippling to those who live in harsh winters (we often get warnings to stay in doors) but for now I will love the daily stroller rides (that Hannah and I have enjoyed daily since January) and the lazy days in the park. Until we are confined indoors...or at least to the free water parks ;)

Oh...I got my first sunburn today.


Lesley said...

About the sunburn... Melissa, I'm going to tell you what I tell everyone else with a sunburn... "do you want a nose that looks like mine?" I'm saying that with love. Don't forget your sunscreen :-)

Bea said...

When you are an old lady you will always remember your Aunt Lesley advising you to "not forget the sunscreen."
Yeah!! for Aunt Lesley

Stephanie said...
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