Friday, April 2, 2010

{Ghost of Lovers Past}

Recently I've had the chance to reflect on the past, especially as I have stumbled upon Adam's missionary journal at the Turney's this past trip to California.

How strange it is to read about my missionary. Yes, although I didn't write to him, Adam was, is, and always will be my missionary. I know that as I read about myself in the pages of his journal. He talks about me a lot. He writes things like "We had to work in the rain today. I hope that means the Lord is preparing an amazing woman that I am working for."

For a long time he thought there was a special someone in mind. He wrote:

"There is only one girl that I have known in all my life that has done that [smile at the thought of her] to me. Jessica Lea Wooten. My best friend, my angel, girlfriend, first love and kiss, my listening friend, my comforter, my greatest example of what I want in a wife and companion for all eternity. She is the one that has made me happy and that I have dedicated my personal time to." you have to laugh a little...Adam was so romantic to call her his "listening friend" and I can't believe he would even "dedicate his personal time" to her.

I guess I can't mock too much...we all have a past :) Here is one of MY journal entries (to be fair).

October 2nd 2001
Justin broke up with me. I'm fine. Maybe we will end up together, maybe not. All I know is that I have to be worthy of him so I am going to straighten out my life to be worthy of him. Then maybe I won't feel so bad about myself. I'm fine. (To be fair to myself, at 15, almost 16 I really didn't have to pull much together and was pretty friggen worthy of anyone...I wish I could tell that to past self.)

October 3rd 2001 (the VERY next day)
He wants me back. I'm going to be REALLY fine now!

Seriously. What a dork was I hahaha.

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