Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cr-AZY Hair!

So this morning I gave Hannah Banana a bath, dressed her up, and then got ready. I figured I'd wait to comb her hair and put a clip in it until after she'd been squirming and we were on our way to church so after she got out of her bath I didn't really touch it...bad idea.

So ALL day her hair has been sticking STRAIGHT UP all nice and fluffy all over the place crazy! It is about two inches long now (seems to be growing every day along with those cheeks!) and we love ever last bit of it!


Joy Salmon said...

sooo cute! You guys are such a fun family and we miss you guys a bunch! Hope all is going well :)

Margie said...

I love that baby!!

Bea said...

She is so beautiful. And the hair adds to her personality. In years to come when she complains about a bad hair day, you can show her the pictures and say
"tell me about it"

Lilian said...

She looks a lot like you Melissa! LOVE the hair!

Lesley said...

Love it!! What a georgeous baby girl!!

Sara said...

hey turneys!!!!! Your little Hannah is so sweet......i finally came to your house!!!( oh sister turney i forgot your number) lol.....anyway, you are two wounderful parents. And also the BEST primary techers!!!! I Love Ya!
(Sara Carter)