Friday, September 30, 2016

{September 2016}

Hannah continues to make us laugh with her silly personality. Here is an example of a typical conversation with Hannah.
Me: Hannah, do you know Daddy's middle name? 
Hannah: I know it, but I don't remember it. 
Me: Lor...... 
Hannah: Lord Business?

See what I mean? She's a hoot. 
Hannah continues to make us laugh and smile every day. She's loving school this year and has a lot of friends. She especially enjoys hanging out with boys, (eek!) but just as friends. Hannah has also been enjoying listening to Hamilton, and practices singing the songs every chance she gets. We finished reading the BFG together and she loved it. One of the most exciting things for Hannah is being able to eat school lunch this year. Yum?

Sassy, passionate, spirited, compassionate, dramatic, expressive, all these words are adjectives for Paigey-Pie. She isn't satisfied with calling colors blue, red, or pink...they are teal, scarlet, magenta. Food isn't good or bad. It's delicious or horrible. She was my most difficult labor and delivery. She's my most loving child. She understands her overly emotional mother, and she indulges me. This darling girl turned FIVE on September 2nd. The world is a brighter place with her in it. This girl has had quite the adjustment to kindergarten. It hasn't been perfect, but she's learning. She became so nervous that she started to pick scabs in her face and it made me so sad to see her beautiful face all scratched up, but she applied a lot of willpower to stop and it's starting to clear up. 
Paige's biggest news was that she lost her first tooth! Nobody could believe it. She looks as cute as a button. 

Sam is my little buddy in every way. Since the girls have been in school together, Sam relies on me for all his entertainment needs, and he sure keeps me on my toes. We enjoy our mornings together at the park, library, grocery shopping, or Sam's personal favorite: weekly trips to IKEA. Sam has been enjoying Star Wars and play-dough (and has already ruined all of Paige's birthday play-dough). He's a wonderful big brother, and always wants to include Jonathan or give me status updates on his whereabouts. He also cheers him on as he gets more mobile. He talks to him in the sweetest voice ever. My favorite thing Sam says is, "Right, Mom?" 

Happy five months to this toe grabber. He's still the light of our lives. He's getting better at sleeping through the night and it's hard to imagine that I won't have to worry about getting up to feed another human in the near future. He's getting very good at scooting around the house, playing with toys, and grunting and growling. I'm trying my hardest to get him on a good nap schedule, but he's not really having that. He's getting not one, but TWO teeth! I can't believe it. My postpartum self honestly has a really hard time dealing with my kids growing older and changing so much, so quickly, but I have a goal to enjoy every step and every stage and instead of looking backwards with sadness to strive harder to look forward with excitement. I can already tell this kid is going places.

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