Saturday, August 13, 2016


Summer is in full swing in Las Vegas, which means the heat is sweltering and inescapable! No matter. We have a blast, even if it feels like our faces are burning off.

The fourth of July was incredible, probably my favorite in recent memory. Our family headed out to Blue Diamond for the bike decorating/parade event. Adam was miserable in the heat, but everyone else had a good time. We cooled off at the water park with our friends, and then went to the Perry's for fireworks. The firework show was spectacular. Really brilliant! We decided people must have paid thousands and thousands of dollars, and we enjoyed their show for free! The Mastalers came in town and Michael brought some fireworks of his own and the kids had fun doing sparklers.

Hannah went back to school for another week. We enjoyed a week of normalcy and preparation for Utah and scout camp, then off to vacation we went. It was a blast. Adam loved scout camp, especially hiking in the narrows. I think we'll have to make a trip up there next year, just the two of us. We had fun in Utah. We went to Cherry Hill, the girls had swim lessons, we spent a few days in Salt Lake, etc. All the normal faves. We were happy to be back together again at the end of the week.

Hannah celebrated her seventh birthday. None of us can believe she's seven, the time is flying by so quickly. We love our girl so much!

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