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October 2015


October 1Instagram
Hannah earns a special incentive if she does four weeks of piano practice. Today she picked Frozen Yogurt with Mommy

October 2
Hannah: Mom, I can lose weight!
Me: (Whips head around...) WHAT?
Hannah: By drinking Slimfast every morning I can lose weight!
Me: (Notices she's reading the label on Slimfast) Hannah you don't want to lose weight, you don't need to lose weight, you are teenie tiny.
Hannah: Oh...haha. That must be why I'm so skinny, because I drink Slimfast.
Oh boy. I don't want body image stuff to start until she's at least 80!

October 4
Messages I've heard from a variety of friends, family, and media: As a wife and mother you cannot live up to your full potential. Those roles are insignificant contributions in society. You are less than your counterparts who contribute to their communities and families in professional and financial ways. Prove your worth to the world and we will honor you. Direct your efforts home bound and not only will we scoff at you, we will also blame the patriarchy from which you come.
Messages I've heard from general conference: women are inherently powerful in influence and action. Without your strength both in the home and in the community the world will crumble. Being a mother is the most important role you can have. Not because it keeps you in your place, but because you are shaping and guiding the lives of future generations. No matter if you stay at home or work outside the home, you are a needed, important member of society, and your many contributions are valued. God needs you, your family needs you, your community needs you.
October 5
Adam Turney and I USED to have the best insurance in the world. Over the past couple years it's changed so drastically, and now I'm forced to find new doctors, including a new OBGYN and I'm afraid possibly a new pediatrician...WE LOVE OUR PEDIATRICIAN! I'm so stressed out, I've already paid a bunch of money upfront for this baby and now I don't even think I'll be able to switch over until January 1st, 2016, so I will continue to see doctors that won't even deliver my baby. I'm so frustrated and confused right now.

October 6Instagram
We had a fun morning at the children's museum! The Thomas exhibit was a huge hit! It was the first time out with these two sans Hannah since school started (other than to the library/grocery store). We missed our girl, but it's always fun to be able to focus on just a couple kids at a time!

October 8Instagram
Second trimester here I come! Little Albus or Minerva is making his/herself known by more than just the exhaustion and vomiting. I'm 13 weeks and one day, two days from my thirties!

It's not every day that your best friend turns 30!!!! First of all, we need to take more pics together. Maybe we can face time and and we'll screen shot the phone.
Anyway, I'm far from being as eloquent as you, but I think you know that you are truly like a sister to me. You listen to all my stories, whining, and many thoughts and most recent heart breaks. We talk about our kids and laugh and help by giving each other advice. You've let me be angry with the world, but also have been a voice of reason and faith.
I was really trying to think of something awesome to tell you on your birthday, and it started to dawn on me the other day when I was putting up Hunter's bookshelves.
Before I had kids I thought to myself that I really wanted them to love to read. I'm not that big of a reader, but I've always enjoyed reading to children. Luckily, both of my kids can't get enough of it. And then, even more, I ended up with a best friend who knows all the good children's authors and has inspired not only for me to read to my children, but for me to read. So, back to me telling you something awesome on your birthday.
I know that imitation is the best form of flattery, and there are so many things that you have inspired me to be.
A reader and raising readers (hence the reason why I told you that last story)
A good listener
Not only a good listener, but always have the intuition of knowing how to respond.
I would say a good writer, but that's more of a talent, and I can only have so many of those 💁🏻 just kidding.
Your sincerity and compassion will always amaze me.
And most of all, simply being a great friend.
Happy birthday! 30's got nothin' on you, and neither will 40, or 50!

October 14
"I love eating. I just panic for it." This is how my passionate four year old describes food. And I can totally relate.

October 15
Sending all my love to the Mastaler family tonight as they mourn the passing of their husband, son, brother, uncle, and friend. I've only met most of the Mastalers a handful of times but Rosalie and I are about as close as two people can be without officially being family, so I have so much love for each of them and my heart is breaking. I am in awe at their strength, faith, and resilience during this year of pain and trial, and I pray they will continue to be sustained by the atonement of our Savior.

October 17Instagram
Happy birthday to my sweet husband. I've been thinking lately about all the things that makes us different as individuals. I tease him often that we are the couple at the beginning of the movie Up. He's quiet, I'm loud. He's the calm, I'm the storm. He has the patience, I have the passion. He's a realist, and I vacillate between extreme optimism and pessimism. He is my rock and I am his waves. We essentially bring a near perfect harmony to our family with our complimentary components. It's not always easy to live with these differences. But we've come to navigate them somehow. This quote comes from a lovely book I read called A Man Called Ove, which also reminds me of our marriage. I feel very fortunate to have found such a good man who goes about doing good in ways that may not always be obvious or apparent to the rest of the world. He serves his family, his church, and his community with a quiet steadiness.
I'm grateful for the decade of birthdays that we've shared together, and I look forward to decades more. Growing old together is a privilege .
(Ps, sorry, Adam for the too deep, overly sentimental birthday message. Next year I'll say it with a meme like everyone else).

October 17Instagram
We went to Olive Garden tonight to celebrate our wonderful Daddy. We all went around the table to say what we loved about him. Sam said, "Dada! Football!" Paige said, "the way he always gives me hugs." Hannah said, "I love that I get to go to school with Daddy every day." I said I love the way he takes care of each of us, and puts our needs above all else, selflessly. There are a million other reasons why we love him, and we are so grateful to call him ours.
October 18Instagram
Last week my dad brought Sam a soccer ball as a gift. They threw it, kicked it, and my dad kept hiding it under Sam's shirt. He thought it was especially sneaky and hilarious. Tonight Sam came up to me and started patting my belly and asking "Ball? Ball?" Thinking that I'd hidden a ball under my shirt. I had to lift it up to show him it was a baby, not a ball. Tricky mommy!

October 19Instagram
Last month when I did Hannah's scrapbook I realized I'd only taken SIX pictures of her! We are always so busy doing homework, practicing piano, etc we hardly have time for outings and fun any more frown emoticon I decided to document her doing homework. She's interviewing me for an informative writing piece about a family member. She said, "I already know you love Harry Potter, but what color are your eyes?"

October 21
A couple funny things from this morning.
Sam and I went on a walk in our old neighborhood while Paige was at music. Every single decorated house he'd say "Oooh, spooky!"
I forgot my wallet and realized it right when I drove into the Sam's club parking lot.
We started the 1000 books before kindergarten program today. When I told Paige about it she burst into tears and said, "I just want to relax and watch Paw Patrol today! I can't read 1000 books!"
On our way home from the library I saw a dad running with his one year old (ish) kid in a stroller. He was super ripped, (but lean) and tan and I said, "Woah, daddy." Sam got super excited and started to clap his hands and say, "Dada! Dada! Dada!" Paige said, "No Sam, we don't have a dad like that." (Ours is better FYI smile emoticon ). Sam was sad, because he's obsessed withAdam.

October 21
I can spend 45 minutes making a dinner my kids are clearly not impressed with, no matter how delicious, but the second I tell them it's cereal for dinner the crowd goes wild. Suddenly it's, "WOW! I LOVE CEREAL! You are the best mom EVER!" Everyone asks for seconds.
Related: Paige was full after 1 3/4 bowls and asked if she could put the rest in the sink so I told her that was fine. "Yeah," she said, "Usually we just flush it in the toilet or hide it in the back yard." Ummmm no.

October 22Instagram
Life isn't always perfect, but sometimes it is. We were all thrilled to find out Sam gets a brother. 

October 23
Paige and I were talking names this morning.
Me: What do you think of Joshua?
Paige: you already thinked that name. What about water bottle?
Me: probably not water bottle.
Paige: you don't like any of my names.
Other contenders include Batman, sleepy, dreamy, McDonald's, and period. Period would be appropriate, as this is our last baby.

October 23
Last night at the gender reveal I was so nervous. Either way, it was the beginning of a shift in our family dynamics. Either way it was going to be a life changer, so I just had a lot of nerves. Everyone was hoping for another boy, even me if I'm being honest, though I would have been happy with another girl.
When they pulled the image up on the screen all three kids were excited, but pretty soon the girls went off in a corner to play with some toys. Not Sam. He stared transfixed saying, "Baby? Baby?" We had plenty of glances at his gentleman parts but the ultrasound tech was not saying anything. It was pretty obvious it was a boy but I didn't want to jinxs it or misinterpret what I was seeing because it was just too perfect to be true. In my head I just kept saying "Say it! Say it!" and finally she did. We all cheered. I cried, of course.
The funniest part of the night was right when the baby was put up on the screen Adam asked the kids if they thought it was a boy or a girl. Paige said, " I think it's a girl, it looks like a girl. I'm pretty sure it's a girl cause she has long curly hair." Suddenly we all realized that Paige was talking about the tech and we burst out laughing. Poor thing was a little embarrassed. As if we have conversations guessing grown up people's gender all the time.

October 24Instagram
In 10 years of friendship I feel like I've had to mourn with her more than she deserves, but her strength and her testimony have brought me closer to the Savior on several occasions, and I am grateful for her. It was an honor to stand with the Mastalers today as they buried Scott.

October 24
Police officers often get a bad reputation and are poorly portrayed in the media, so
I want to tell you what I witnessed today. At Scott's funeral more than a dozen Rialto PD officers showed up in uniform to pay their respects to the Mastalers, to show support for their brother, Michael, and to honor Scott's life. They stood at the back of the chapel for an hour and a half in solidarity. It was a magnificent sight. These are the same men who showed up at the hospital and stayed round the clock for Rosalie and Michael when Hunter had his accident. What an amazing show of respect and brotherhood.

October 26
"HARRY DIJA PUCHA NAME IN DA GOBLET OF FIYAHHHHH!!!!???" Dumbledore asked calmly.

October 27
said, "Okay, if you can open the door and throw up right now, I'll let you stay home." She said, "Fine," and she opened the door and just started throwing up everywhere. Ummmm, that backfired. I told her we'd sit there for a few minutes in case she had to throw up anything else. Miraculously she felt immediately better and I realized it was from going on the tea cups ride a hundred times and then getting in a car. She was totally fine the rest of the day. I guess the lesson we can learn is not to question or challenge your kids?

October 27
Hannah is learning about different time signatures in her awesome music class and when Miss Jane introduced 3/4 time Hannah decided to nickname it nine and three quarters time. Yep, she is mine, folks.

October 28Instagram
"Mom, does a scientist girl have to get out babies?" I explained that doctors deliver babies and she said, "But if I'm a scientist do I have to have babies?" I told her if she wants to be a scientist when she grows up she can do that AND be a mom. She then burst into tears because she doesn't want babies to come out of will hurt! Oh, life with Paige is never dull.

October 30Instagram
All I ever heard when I was pregnant with Sam was "boys LOVE their mommies" and "boys have a special relationship with their moms."
While I have a special and unique relationship with each of my children, Samuel is the LEAST likely to choose me over Adam. He absolutely worships and adores his daddy. His daddy is perfect in his eyes. An absolute hero. All I hear when Adam goes to work is "Daddy go?" "Daddy home?" "Daddy?!?"
Adam asks if I get jealous and my answer is a resounding NO! I know Sam loves me. He shows me all the time what I mean to him. But watching this relationship is one of the greatest joys of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

October 31Instagram
Hannah got her first brand new bike for her last birthday (July) with the promise/threat that she had to learn to ride without training wheels. Between moving, pregnancy, blazing hot weather, and busy weekends we are just getting around to taking off the training wheels. My sister recalls I'm a strict teacher (I taught her how to ride without training wheels) and I guess I am, since within the first five minutes I a) told her not to be a wuss, b) threatened to revoke her trick-or-treating privilege if she didn't try harder and c) actually used the phrase "walk it off" when she fell over. However, it all paid off in the end. She had a good first run and even though she had a few good falls she did a great job and her confidence is growing. She is very pleased with herself.

October 31Instagram
Our neighborhood is insane! This isn't even all the candy. There were photo booths, haunted houses, block parties, full out productions. Not to mention the full sized candy bars, toy cars, notebooks, pencils, and handfuls of candy they got. It's crazy. Adam and I loved watching Sam, who thought everything was hilarious! All the scary decorations, the scary costumes... He wasn't scared a bit. We went through a haunted house and Paige said "That was creep'en scary!"

October was a very eventful month with a trip to California to see the Packers play, two birthdays, a visit from grandma, grandpa, and Meggie, lots of fun Halloween festivities, and family time. 

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