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{February 2015}

We can hardly believe it's February with all the beautiful spring weather. We've been busting out our short sleeve shirts and ditching the long pants, but as always, the weather can be unpredictable and ranges from extremely cold to warm on any given day.

Hannah: Hannah got to participate in two color runs this month. The first was a fundraiser for Forbuss. Her class earned enough money to race a toy pig, and she was selected to race it for her teacher. Afterwards, her teacher let her take home the pig, which she named Diamond. The second color run was our traditional family run that starts on Fremont Street. It was the fourth year our family participated, and Hannah walked the entire 5k by herself. We were very proud of her! We threw a Valentine's day party at our home, and Hannah got to pick out the prizes and decorations. She was very into Valentine's day this year, and worked hard at writing each of her classmate's names on her My Little Pony valentines.

Paige: It was so fun for Paige to be in preschool this month because she was so excited to celebrate Valentine's day with her class. They passed out cards and candy, and they even made cupcakes for their mommies. Paige dutifully gave me my cupcake and then requested that I share. This month she's been very adamant about sharing because that's what they learned about in Primary. She's been a little apprehensive about Primary, but with her new teachers Peter (not Peter Pan) and his wife Sister H or Sister Two (we don't know why she calls her sister two, her real name is Elise Hervoyavitch) she's been a little bit better about attending. Paige insisted on participating in the Forbuss color run, and she ran alongside Mrs. McCormac the entire time. She told me, "I like Mrs. McCormac because she doesn't have a mad face. She also ran our traditional family color run, and ran the whole thing minus one kilometer in which she rode on her Daddy's back.

Sam: Sam continues to get stronger and more vocal. After his illness in January Sam was thrown off his sleep schedule and I started swaddling him to get him to sleep. It worked out so well, and he loved it. Sometimes he'd wake up mad that he couldn't move but he can struggle right out of it. More than any of us, Sam is LOVING the beautiful weather and enjoys feeling the sunshine on his face. Sam wasn't quite sure what to think of the Color Run, but in the end he enjoyed it. Sam is a very easy going baby, but he's entering a busy stage and it's hard for Mommy and Daddy to keep up. His personality shows more and more each day, and we are getting to know and love this sweet spirit even better.

Our family was excited when Grandma and Grandpa Marsden came for a visit! The kids were so happy to have their undivided attention. We took them a few different places like the new park and Town Square, but mostly we just hung around and played toys. It's always fun when Grandma and Grandpa come!

Tragedy struck on February 8th when our dear friend Hunter Mastaler was attacked by his father's police dog and sustained injuries that led to the amputation of his lower left leg. We were all so devastated, and it was quite scary for all of us. However, it was also a time to thank Heavenly Father for protecting Hunter's life and Hunter's parents are trying to locate the tender mercies that have come out of this, which are abundant. I was able to start a GoFundMe page for Hunter, which to date has raised almost eighteen thousand dollars. I wrote:

On February 8th, 2015, four-year-old Hunter was seriously injured when he was attacked by a dog. The injury caused severe damage to the arteries and veins in his leg. As a result of this terrible accident, Hunter's leg had to be amputated a few inches below the knee, and he will receive a prosthetic in its place. 
Hunter's road to recovery is one that will continue long after he leaves the hospital. Please consider a donation that will aid in enriching Hunter's life through development camps, educational opportunities, prosthetic equipment, and quality of life. 

The Mastaler family appreciates the overwhelming love and support.

"You've got your mommy's eyes, so big and so bright.
You look out on the world, ready for flight.
You've got your daddy's charm and good disposition. 
This life is your mission. 
Ready, set, GO!"

Hunter's Song
by Rosalie Mastaler

Finally, the best news of the month came in the form of Jack Timothy Marsden, my first nephew, who was born on February 24th. He is the HANDSOME son of Sean and Lindsey, and I adore him with all my heart! I can't wait to meet the handsome guy, and kiss him all over from his fuzzy head to his wiggly toes! 


February 1 · 
Help! Samuel is a biter! He bites me HARD every time I nurse him, the little stinker. BOTH sides. I'm at a loss... I don't want to quit nursing him. Is there anything I can do? Hannah and Paige both bit me a handful of times but never like this. And he has six teeth too. Not cool, bro.

I missed this guy's eight month mark on February 2nd! 
Little Dude loves making mischief. He crawls around to find cords and plug ins and all sorts of danger. He enjoys all foods, especially foods he can chew on like macaroni and cheese. He has a total of six teeth and loves to use them, often when mommy is nursing him...ouch! He loves to clap and will do it on command, he is our little Mimic and will say buh buh or ma ma ma. He is the happiest baby on the block, and has the funniest machine gun laugh. He loves to laugh when other people are laughing. He loves everyone but especially loves his mama.

Sitting down to watch Big Hero 6 for family movie night.

Last Saturday we watched a movie after dinner. During the middle of the week the girls started suggesting movies for tonight, and when they came up with a really good one they'd say, "We can watch that during another family movie night!" I guess a new tradition has been born, although, it's not THAT new...growing up at Tim and Margie's SeanMegan, and I would enjoy a family movie every Saturday after working all day around the house and in the yard. There is nowhere I'd rather be on a Saturday night than with Adam and the kiddos.

I'm on the few final rows of my first knitted blanket for my first nephew. It's been a really fun way to love Jack and honor my grandma but I'm really looking forward to reading again!!!!!

Poor Hannah slipped and smacked her chin on the table causing her to bite her lip tonight. I told her she was in trouble because we aren't supposed to bite people.

I talked to Rosalie tonight, and boy is she amazing. She talked about the emotional pain and trauma that their family is enduring, but then she told me about every single miracle that has occurred in the past 48+ hours. She is focusing on the very many tender mercies that are manifesting in every detail of this tragedy. She talked about the hope for the future, and all the wonderful things Hunter has in store for him. I've known Rosalie for over nine years now, and I've watched her overcome many trials from the little troubles to life changing tragedies. She is a warrior mama, and that little boy has two champion parents. Please continue to pray for their family at this difficult time, and know that every single one of them is a hero to me.

Sam has a new trick. He gives sweet hugs and smiles and offers his binkie to us as if to say "I love you." Sweet guy.

I'm going to let you in on a nerdy little secret. When I was in high school I refused to read most the books I was assigned. In fact, I think I only read two books assigned to me in English class (Cry, the Beloved Country and Their Eyes Were Watching God---both of which I LOVED). I don't know why that was. What can I say, I'm a stinker. So over the past six years or so I've been swallowing my pride and going back and reading those assigned novels I should have been reading the whole time. Surprise, surprise, they are the books that blow me away. I started To Kill A Mockingbird yesterday and can't put it down. Everything about it is phenomenal. I'm trying to figure out how to convince Adam to name our next son or daughter Atticus or Harper.

This morning Hannah stood on the edge of the bathtub and leaped off onto the floor. She's usually not so daring, and when she'd stuck her landing she said, "Mom! I was born to do that!" I smiled and validated her while reminding her not to jump off things or she might get hurt, but it made me think. How often do we accomplish things which seem incredible in our limited imagination and we declare that we were born to do it, while our Father in Heaven smiles and validates, but thinks, "My child, you were born for so much more."

I was surprised to wake up and discover that Las Vegas got some snow last night. It would probably look more impressive if the rain didn't wash it away.

Hannah's class is going to computers today so Adam is going to be Hannah's specials teacher. When I asked Hannah last week what she was going to call him, Daddy or Mr. Turney, she said she wasn't sure yet. I asked her again as I dropped her off for school she said, "I'm going to call him Mr. Turney, so that the other kids don't know he's my dad."
Oh man. Burn.

I'm so in love with this picture. My baby brother became a daddy today. I'm dying to meet my nephew Jack Timothy (8lbs 15oz). I am one proud auntie! Special props to the beautiful and incomparable mother, Lindsey, my amazing sister-in-law who is not pictured but deserves a standing ovation for this boy. Thanks, Sean and Linds for this beautiful boy! I'm lucky to be his auntie!

Working on some Pre-K skills. I'm getting a little nervous for all day kindergarten for this little stinker. It's still a year and a half away but one can never be too prepared!

So our school district will most likely be transitioning to mandatory full-day kindergarten starting next year, and I'm already stressing out about sending Paige to school all day in a year and a half. It kind of makes me want to throw up.

A few days ago Adam and I asked the girls if they HAD to pick which parent they would live with. Both of them said Mommy AND Daddy. So Adam said, "would you rather live with Daddy in California or Mommy in Utah."
"UTAH, UTAH!!!!" they shouted, though I feel like it has less to do with me and more to do with Utah. So then he said, "would you rather live with Mommy in Utah or Daddy in California, and you'll get to have your own TV in your room and your own phone."
Of course.

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