Monday, August 20, 2012

A Week in the Life {8/13-8/19}

Home again, home again....

The 7 hour trip back to Las Vegas was exhausting. We were pretty anxious to get back after two weeks away from home. When we got home, I did some shopping and surprise surprise--our air conditioning was once again out of refrigerant (third time in a month). We loaded up on all our food, and the AC guy came quick, this time, he filled up our thing with refrigerant and dye to see if we have a leak. He came back again the next day to find the leak and unfortunately he thinks it's somewhere in our walls sounds $$ so we try not to think about it right now...

Tuesday I took the girls to Storytime to get back into a good routine. I felt pretty busy as I was catching back up on life. I think I did a million things and accomplished nothing. Adam took care of the lawn with Hannah, then we went to McDonalds with Tayden. We also had some house guests, friends of my mom who were driving by through to California

Wednesday is kind of a blur. I did some Yoga, which I'm trying to get into to strengthen my core as I train for my half marathon in November. Adam went in to set up his new classroom but ended up not being able to. A new job popped up, which he has wanted for a LOOOOONG time so he contacted his administrator and applied for the job. We'll see. As of this moment he is a third grade teacher, a Falcon, but he may soon be an ECS (educational computer strategist) at a middle school near by. I hope he gets it! It would be a promotion, although he'd no longer be a teacher which would be sudden and weird. Paige is walking like a pro these days and knows she is cool stuff. I also started reading George Orwell's 1984 which terrified me to my bones and actually prompted me to make this blog private once again.

Thursday we went to Storytime with Adam for the last time before school starts. I can't even begin to explain how much I've loved having him home all summer. It has been so fantastic. The other day Adam said "So THIS is what it means when people talk about teachers having summers off." Haha. He is not looking forward to his break ending either...for one last hurrah we took the girls bowling and out to eat at Olive Garden. The girls did great, and we had a yummy endless pasta meal :)

As you can see, Paigey is becoming quite the little reader. She loves books and insists on touching each page and turning them (sometimes the opposite way). Did we reach our goal of reading 100 books? Yes we did. Did we take a picture of each of them? No, sadly the girls got tired of taking pictures with the books (and I got tired of taking them. I'll post the full list, along with the books we read at the end of August (there are still books we hope to get to).

Friday night I had a date with four handsome little boys. We do (or did) a babysitting coop between five families every month where one couple would take all the kids and the other four would go out. Well, that party kinda died since four of the couples are pregnant and IN OCTOBER! So since none of us are up to watching 7 kids and 4 infants we are taking a break or something. It was awesome while it lasted though!

Saturday was a busy day, in fact, the whole weekend was busy. I woke up early and ran three's week one for my half marathon training, and went to pick up our Bountiful Basket and grab some milk and eggs. I came home, put away the food, and started making some freezer meals. I made five freezer meals then we needed to clean the house so we cleaned. By this point, I needed a nap. After the nap, I made a salad and we went to our friends house for a BBQ. I love our friends.

Sunday both Adam and I taught lesson 16 in the Teachings of the Prophets manual so we prepared our lessons together. After church it was all about naps, visiting teaching, delivering freezer meals, and hanging out. We also had guests come stay with us over night.

I'm so sad Adam goes back to school this week :( we've loved having him home and there will be a hole in our heart now.

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Lesley said...

I love reading about and seeing pictures of your family and your adventures!!

What are you preparing in that last picture? It looks wonderful!