Monday, May 31, 2010


I have many homes.

There is the home I grew up in. The home with my family. The home filled with laughter and inside jokes, filled with the spirit, with prayer, with hope, with silliness, where my mommy and daddy live along with my one and only sister. I love that home so much but like I've said before--I'd never dreamed home would end up where I didn't belong.

There is Rexburg where I found myself. Lots of warm memories, happy times, times of reflection, where I would meet my future world.

There is Visalia where my other family lives. Here there is also much laughter and fun, inside jokes, sarcasm, playful teasing, arguments, debates, hugs, adventures.

There is Las Vegas where I live, where I have established myself, where my friends are, where my ward family is, where my house is, where my family lives, where my temple is, where I've 'grown up.'

Most of all...there is under the sheets where mommy, daddy, and Hannah play peekaboo, there is the breakfast table waiting for slimfast waffles and scripture reading, there is Adam's lap while browsing failblog, there is the staircase where we watch Hannah climb up and down. Home is where they are, and where they are I am home.


Margie said...

I love you!

Bea said...

It was great to see you both, and I am glad you got home safe.

Lesley said...

I enjoyed our visit Sunday.