Friday, October 16, 2009

28 reasons...

I love my man! Today is Adam's 28th birthday. Everyday I am blessed to have him as my husband. I have been thinking about him all week and trying to come up with all the reasons why I love him.

1) From the moment I met him I was drawn to his beautiful smile. His eyes are always bright and laughing and his grin goes on for miles. I am so attracted to him physically... and why not... he's a hottie!

2) Adam is always very considerate of MY feelings. He always tries to think situations through and decide what is best for our relationship. Adam consistently puts me and my needs before his own.

3) Adam is a spender. This is not necessarily a good thing but he balances out my need to save save save. Adam usually is the one to make the big purchases because he takes time to research the product. He is usually able to find fantastic deals. He was once able to purchase six week long passes to Disneyland for us and his family at a discounted prices and then auctioned part of the week on Ebay so we only ended up paying only 9 dollars a day (for two days) per person.

4) Adam is so knowledgeable about the gospel. He can find any scripture you ask him and quote many of them too. Lately we have been trying to have family scripture study every night with Hannah and he always leads it very well.

5) Adam is a hard worker. Each school year beginning he tries to evaluate himself and change things for his students. He cares about his relationship with his students and hopes that they are not only learning from him but that they are happy.

6) Adam is thoughtful. That trip to Disneyland I talked about before was a trip for my birthday that he planned with the help of his mom, even though he doesn't like D-land himself. It wasn't the last trip he planned with only me in mind. He also bought me a massage for my birthday that I am really looking forward to redeeming.

7) Adam is educated. I couldn't think of a way of wording this... he got his associates degree, then went straight for his bachelors degree, took two semesters off and began his first masters degree. He is taking some time off so I can finish and we can get in the groove of things and then he will finish up his second masters degree and is already thinking about his PhD. He's always trying to better himself through school.

8) Adam loves to laugh. His laugh is infectious and I can never stay mad because he thinks it is funny when I am mad and when he laughs I laugh.

9) Adam is an amazing Father. I've never known a man with more love for his child. He and Hannah share a special bond since he was with her for the first nine weeks full time. Whenever she needs a diaper change, he doesn't let me know, he just jumps up and changes her... when she is crying at night he hops right out of bed and takes care of his girl. When he comes home from work he goes straight to us and we snuggle. He spends at least an hour a day just Hannah and Daddy, talking to her and loving her. Whenever he peaks around the top of her crib she beams! He has looked out for her since the second he found out that she was coming, even force feeding me (ok exaggeration) eggs (when I couldn't stomach them) saying "they are sooo good for the baby."

10) Adam is an amazing support to me. Part of the reason he is such a good father and such a hard worker with Hannah is because he is taking care of me so that I am able to finish school. He promised my dad that he would support me in education and anything I set out to do. There are things that he encourages me to do and that he believes I can do. He is supporting my decision to stay home with Hannah even though he may not fully understand my desire to do so. He listens to me talk about my whole day, he helps me grade papers, he does laundry, cooks, cleans, and does anything I ask without ever asking anything of me. When I feel like a bad wife because he takes care of so many things around the house and for me and Hannah and I feel like a failure for not being able to do more he assures me that he loves me and that he is grateful for me and that he is happy to help me out.

So I wont write a novel for each one... just the main ones :) here are the rest of them:

11) It is hilarious to watch him wake up and talk in his sleep. Even more hilarious as it seems to be hereditary as Hannah stretches, is startled, mumbles in her sleep, and makes the funniest expressions ever while she wakes up.

12) He is penitent, he can admit when he is wrong and does not hold onto it forever.

13) When he has a great idea, or does something sweet he gets really excited about it and keeps bringing up the subject so he can know EVERYTHING I think about it.

14) He makes me laugh by saying the funniest, most random things ever.

15) He is secure and doesn't need a lot of validation.

16) He hardly ever complains

17) He rides his bike to school everyday so he always has great stories to tell me about the ride.

18) He is never afraid to laugh at himself.

19) We have an unspoken communication and I can finish his thoughts and sentences.

20) He is not a sloppy person and I rarely have to pick up after him.

21) He is service oriented. Always wants to serve and take care of those he loves.

22) He is a great brother.

23) He is never afraid to stir up a little controversy among our friends, sometimes it causes issues...I mean... come on, he is a Mormon republican who voted for Obama...we have issues with most our friends because of this.

24) He has a mind of his own and thinks for himself, no matter what other people think or what popular opinion states.

25) He is smart! He builds computers and is always Mr. Fix it. He can fix almost anything and enjoys to learn how to do new things. He has a range of specialties from building computers, fixing cars, and reading about different things.

26) I love that he will spend time with me no matter what is left to get done...President Monson said "Never let problems to be solved become more important than people to be loved." I have issues with this but Adam never does and I appreciate how he will drop almost anything for the ones he loves."

27) He is a child at heart and this makes him a joy to live with, especially for Hannah.

28) I have an excellent #28 but I'm just going to let HIM ask me about it ;)

I love you babe, happy birthday.


BobN said...

Hope you had a happy birthday, Adam!

Bea said...

Happy Birthday Adam, and at least 28 more!!!!!!!
Doesn't number 8 frustrate you sometimes? When I am mad I don't want to be jollied out of it. At least not right away. :o)

Margie said...

I am finally after one week getting updated on everyones blogs!! Great post and a great tribute to a great husband, father, and son-in-law. I loved reading all of the reasons you listed. Does Happy late birthday count since I am still within the week of the birthday? I am glad I did get to talk to Adam on his birthday!! Love you Adam!!